The CAR and the CAT - do we have common relatives?

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The CAR and the CAT - do we have common relatives? 4.5

You are mistaken if you think that there are no similar features between a cat and a car. They have much in common, only a small part of the video, but it gives you an idea

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We will be glad to see you there, meow

Author — CatPusic


That is one extremely cute car driver.

Author — Paw Print


I lost it when the headlights turned on then you see his eyes! 😅😅

Oh, Pusic. 😅

Author — GOM420


OMG! That was so hilarious. You have such a created mind. I love watching these. It really makes my day!!

Author — Wendy Doe


P - Perfect
U - Unique
S - Sweet
I - Incredible
C - Cat The Pusic

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Author — 20k subs with videos challenge


Police officer stops the car to check the driver's documents:
-Driver: Meow meow, meow ? (Is there a problem officer ?)
-Officer: Nah, I thought it was some crazy man driving the car. It's just a cat. Have a good day sir!

Author — Tiago Feitosa


Pusic, your Master has a great and intelligent humor!
I love all the videos sooo much!!! ♡♡♡

Author — BlackPantherFan


Me: mam i broke my iPad
Mam: how?
Me: with the button like

Author — Yioko_ Gacha


I really enjoyed this video! At the end, it's like the cat becomes a Swiffer! Lol!

Author — Susan Patterson


I would NEVER have thought to compare a car and a cat! Too funny! Very clever.

Author — 1CherryTree


Cat means Love, l love all animals and birds

Author — Sharad Bagadi


On the part when the carlights THE PUSIC'S EYES WERE SHINING 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Author — ʝιиєllє 7


This video is so dang creative and funny...

When kitty wiped the window, , good..
To the entire car scene, kitty revving his booty Haha, kick off from the sofa..
Kitty Ken Blocking too 🤣🤣🤣.
It's so good, , , he's better than those cars, he gots way better traction...
And the cool down pants..

I love this kitty, , , gr8 vid

Author — Dd Nn


Bro I love love love your videos of pusic. He's amazing and one of a kind. I'm a big fan bro. Keep up the good work.

Author — Lil chippy D Tss tss


Everything makes sense now! Vroom Vroom Meow!

Author — Butters The Bean


1:23 Was that a deleted scene from "slipping cat on wet floor"?

Author — Thomas the tank engine


Pusic panting is the most adorable thing ever awwww

Author — Don't Panic! At the Arctic Monkeys and Tøp concert


Super comparison between Cat and car 😂😂

Author — Avinesh Vignesh


The second to last one is true I had cat that ran like that when you used the electric can opener

Author — richard hare


Pusic was found by the perfect people. Such wonderful parents! thank you for your wonderful videos, they always brighten my day. Mahalo!

Author — Mahi Mahi