Why These Disneyland Employees Can't Afford Rent | NYT - Opinion

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Why These Disneyland Employees Can't Afford Rent | NYT - Opinion 5

These Disneyland employees are struggling to get by and they’re fighting to pass a living wage ballot measure in Anaheim, Calif., they hope will change that.

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The lady in the beginning broke my heart. Working for 30 years and she's treated like this??!?!?!?

Author — ida b


Imagine if the employees quit altogether...

Author — QuirkySmirk


I don't trust Disney. The whole company rubs me the wrong way.

Author — Sweet Tea


What we see: Disney princesses living in castle.

Meanwhile Disney princesses sleeping in car.

Author — Thanos


To motto of Disney should be - "Disney, evil as always"

Author — SideNote


The Most Magical Place In The World is brought to you by: Homelessness, poverty, depression, anxiety, corporate corruption, and social irresponsibility.

Author — Matthew Lee


Imagine the person who impersonates Cinderella is living such of a life that she had. Dirty rags, cleaning up, rats that if you are delusional enough, begin to speak...

Author — Purple Midoriya


$18 an hour will change nothing. The lack of affordable housing is the REAL problem...

Author — Drew


I have nothing against the rich, but what I hate is selfish people. That's modern slavery and exploitation!

Author — L K


Disneyland is a fun job if you’re still at high school

Author — Dwight Howard


horribly ironic disneyland employees can't afford to go to disneyland

Author — Steffi Moos


10-Year Challenge on National Minimum Wage

2009: $7.25 / hr.
2019: $7.25 / hr.

Author — Joel Anderson


Its sadder that these people have to put on a facade of joy so that they don't disappoint and ruin the atmosphere of the visitors

Author — STAN *insert kpop group*


This is upsetting. I cannot believe that a company so large payed their employees so little! I cannot believe this! That’s rotten!

Author — Matrixie Kitty


Disney is so tight with their money, like when everyone quarantined they were acting like they were going bankrupt like please you have countless movies people are paying money to watch, and Disney+

Author — Andrea Jasyl


Just Imagine... Cinderella sleeps in her car

Author — Kalana Herath


I’ve never understood the appeal of Disneyland after I grew up...

Author — S G


If a company that large can’t/won’t increase wages, they should at least provide subsidize in-house staff accommodation. 😤

Author — TheCarrottTop


Someone start a petition to raise these peoples wages. I’ve never been to Disney, but I’ll sign it!

Author — Hey Samara


i remember seeing an empolyee brushing their teeth at a bathroom. i was young and never questioned it. this video kinda changes my prespective alot!

Author — oh no !