Becoming TWICE is not easy (Tzuyu Version)

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Becoming TWICE is not easy (Tzuyu Version) 5

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jyp was so suspicious of tzuyu's charms even then
but lookie now, she's probably the most valuable twice member and he must be seeing that as well

Автор — Blue Berry


I’m so proud this beautiful and talented lady is from Taiwan 🇹🇼 😄

Автор — mel asmr


At first i didn't like tzuyu bc i always felr she'd probably would've ended up in twice anyway bc let's be honest the VISUAL and POPULARITY lol but im happy she proved me wrong CHOU TZUYU is more than just a pretty face love you tzuyu~~

Автор — Suga not SUGAR


tzuyu...she's strong and she doesn't laugh or talk or even cry so much but she's a human too i wish that she can show her real feeling in future❤

Автор — me hatey


Tzuyu Don't worry you improved a lot😍😘

Автор — Tzuyu Jungkook Lover


Tzuyu speaking in Korean but with Taiwanese accent is the cutest thing ever!! She's definitely improved so proud of her!

Автор — NurNasuhaa


I believe all twice members tried really hard and they deserve what they have right now

Автор — Tina Chen


it’s funny how the majority of the haters who hate on twice has never actually even watched sixteen...

Автор — bo xian


I think the reason why she's not showing her emotions too much is because of the Taiwanese Scandal and became afraid a bit but she's getting better and better as time goes! Tzuyu Fighting!

Автор — Carl Zornosa


Damn she had a hard time😭
Dahyun next please!

Автор — Kimbap Kidding?


My baby... You improved a LOT! Your dance you're near Momo's level already. Your vocal, omg, i didn't expect it. TWICETAGRAM ALBUM is really a must listen! Her voice! I can't! She could be a lead vocal she just needs more technique! JYP! This girl is a power visual and talent, don't sleep on her!

Автор — MRB 26


lmao nayeon was cold & savage af
I hope both can laugh about that now (=

Автор — Lays Chips


I think Nayeon was too much back then

*Poor Tzuyu 😭*

Автор — Lifeless Fangirl


You're not just a pretty girl Tzuyu. 😍

Автор — Lazy Faye


Pardon me.. twice is lucky to have tzuyu.. i mean without her maybe i'm not really into twice.. she's the first member who "WOW" me.
Once i watch Lotte Duty Free cf.. i saw tzuyu so incredible.. so i find out what group she got into.. well early in 2016 was the first time i know them.. and i love their songs.. and Tzuyu was never dissapointed me at all.. her visual her dancing .. maybe she's not the best singer but she have angelic voice i want to hear like all day... thank u baby.. we love you 😭

Автор — ChouTzuRealQueen FckingBlinksareAnnoyingAF


Actually I've become a ONCE because of tzuyu. I like them all now but tzuyu is just so special.

Автор — Love Harry


Tzuyu is a polite girl.I wish i could meet girl like him.My old gf's is so wild and only love my moneyhh!!!

Автор — Rahim Sharif


Tzuyu has been through a lot. No reason to implement more retarded hatred upon her. Screw the haters and those no-brainers who brought politics into entertainment. 子瑜加油😊希望能在综艺上多看到你的笑颜😊

Автор — TheCommieBoy


Glad that her vocal is improving a lot..Haters can choke now..😠

Автор — Channie Pasta


I just love how Mina said to tzuyu that her eyes only focus to tzuyu even though she don't have much line

Автор — Rossevelle Legisniana