How can India tackle its water crisis? - BBC News

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How can India tackle its water crisis? - BBC News 4.5

"Twenty-one of India’s major cities may run out of ground water as early as 2020 according to a government report. Some experts contest that assessment but daily water woes are a part of life for almost half of the country’s population.

The southern city of Chennai, where reservoirs are drying up due to a delayed monsoon and poor water management, is severely affected. Residents there have been queuing up to collect water from rationed government services, and schools, hospitals and restaurants are struggling to cope. Meanwhile, the Indian government has set up a new Jal Shakti (water power) Ministry, and is proposing a massive project to interlink India’s rivers as an answer to the water crisis.

We focus on water conservation and management solutions to India’s water crisis. We speak to a water activist based in Chennai who restores lakes and ponds, the head of a Delhi-based non-profit that works to recharge groundwater, and a water expert who specialises in rural irrigation economy and policy making.

Presenter: Devina Gupta

Contributors: Aditi Mukherjee, Principal Researcher, International Water Management Institute; Jyoti Sharma, President, FORCE Non-profit; Arun Krishnamurthy, Founder, Environmentalist Foundation of India

From Delhi, #WorklifeIndia reflects on money, work, family and business."

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All the India's problems related to overpopulation. Simple.

Author — R Patel


I would really push birth control with population management.

Author — Wtornado


India seems to be in denial. Topography is the problem not climate change, population explosion and rampant corruption.

Author — Rockabilly hick


A massive population decrease for a start

Author — corrion1


Quit trashing your water supply. Rivers are not dumps!

Author — crashweaverda


Quickest way to save your nation close your legs and your zippers

Author — doncur 72


Maybe not have a billion more people than all of South America.

Author — Charles Dickens


Have you any idea how many million gallons of precious water is being wasted in India every day in the name of ablution for religious prayers in the mosques.

Author — gireesh neroth


They can start by telling half their population to stop urinating and crapping in the streets.

Author — Bryce Cheng


Simple answer no one want to take moral responsibility.
When country like israel can solve it water problem .
Why can't we.
It's become our culture to live in luxury but not care of surrounding .

Author — pawan nishal


Best to listen on 1.5 speed as she talks so slow

Author — Crypto Trading Library


YouTube is Indianizing, every youTuber making content about India.

Author — Smart Baba


1st of all
Its the way you look after the water.

The same thingis happening in Africa.
Mismanagement of resources whether water or electricity.

Author — Overberg Mountain fort


Overpopulation is making all of these problems

Author — Saqib Razzaq


They are good knowledge having person on the subject, promote them, let them work on it, , anchor is smart as well. Good.

Author — Arjun Swamy


clearWater like mediCare4all is a humanRight...
not a

Author — outbacktrek


Hey no need to do whole episode
As answer is simple

Author — L L


Thank you WorklifeIndia and BBC for bringing attention to this very serious and growing issue. Water scarcity and the associated insecurity will impact greater and greater numbers of people in the years to come. Some regions will dry up completely and will likely have to be abandoned. This is a very difficult situation many people do not want to accept. People must develop greater cooperation, unity and stewardship, or face chaos and suffering on a massive scale. I recently read an excellent book on this very topic called The Great Waves of Change, by Marshall Vian Summers. (dot org) It's available free online as an ebook. It explains what is coming for the world and how you can prepare internally and externally so that you can weather the storm and not become a victim of it.

Author — GCP Aaron


The fact is people will spend 1000s of rupees on other things but tell them to pitch in for a water harvesting system in their building and they will get annoyed.

Author — v b


Stop having kids and pooing in the rivers

Author — EveryoneWhoWatchesAnimeIsAWeeabooSoLetsAllCombineOurForcesTogetherToBeTheWeeabooCirclejerkNation