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Philippines Taal volcano eruption - LIVE 4.5
A KILLER volcano which has claimed the lives of thousands erupted in the Philippines today triggering spectacular lightning storms and terrifying tsunami fears.

The Taal Volcano - a tourist hotspot - is one of just 16 on the planet designated so dangerous by scientists they have to be monitored around the clock.

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The sun stole every video so they can get more viewers the people who video this they never got paid for this



Hope everyone living there will survive

Author — Johannes Zakel


There has only been one death I've seen. It was a car crash due to the ashfall causing no visibility. 3 injured 1 dead

Author — Bianca Toledo


"killer volcano"? Will click bait Meisters ever fade away? Kind of like calling it a "Scorching-Hot Volcano".

Author — glennwmurphy1


"Killer" volcano? As opposed to a soft fluffy safe friendly volcano?

Author — GloomGaiGar


hi po tallaga waiting for the harmonic tremor love Philippines they always smile may god keep you all safe

Author — David Lee


I think the correct caption should be "in the past". Yes, it did claim thousands of lives in the past. But there is none reported to date. Well, WTH can expect from a TABLOID like The Sun.

Author — Buster Dallas


God Bless the precious heart is broken for these precious people...the most hard working beutiful ppl in the world 🙏💔🙏💔

Author — subscribzzz biaatchzz


*greta thunberg:* ya'll have sinned, and need to come back to the fold, you my flock are

*volcanoes 🌋:* ahem (*chuckles)

Author — 007thematrix007


January 27 to February 10, 1911 – A phreatic and “very violent” eruption occurred at the main crater, causing rock particles and fragments to fall and shoot out of the volcano. Phivolcs recorded 1, 335 casualties in this incident.

Author — Sola Scriptura


This is the first I've heard of any deaths.

Author — WillowOne


What deaths? Must be a drunk reporter!

Author — kalabao52


Im even pilipino. And all the city of philliphines have taal sands

Author — Lucas_ TheCreator


need to sort your team out the sun its was a killer years ago typical sun

Author — paul h


This the only mention of deaths. And it says thousands. Wth!

Author — M S


Killer volcano? There have been no deaths. The Sun is a bunch of hyperbole - stick to facts

Author — Kyle K. Sweeney


1 hour of video without narration to do this KILLER volcano justice? I smell a lot of spectacular exaggeration here

Author — ParaParagon


Bruh... What do you mean thousands... As far as I know there are only 3 casualties which are volunteers for the evacuation..

Author — J. C. Fan


Okay guys, first off, obviously the description could use a few PUNCTUATION marks, right? Anyway, what the description is trying to say, is that the "killer" Taal volcano has indeed claimed thousands of lives in its total since its first eruption up until the last one. However, this eruption happening now this January 2020, with no "official" count of deaths. Now there could actually be deaths already since it is a volcano erupting, but we do not know the true total as of now, correct? So let's just calm down and change the first part of the description a bit and add punctuation marks, shall we? Here we go.

"A KILLER volcano, which has claimed the lives of thousands (in the past), erupted in the Philippines today triggering spectacular lightning storms and terrifying tsunami fears."


Author — Abraham Aguilar


How has the volcano affected Manila or Bonifacio Global City?

Author — Christopher Cox