What exactly does Ivanka Trump do?

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What exactly does Ivanka Trump do? 4.5

CNN's Randi Kaye takes a closer look at Ivanka Trump's role in her father's administration and examines whether her job requires a security clearance.

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Lie for daddy when asked.
Man it’s weird seeing how Trump acts around her. Creepy

Author — Alessia C*****


"I want to thank you Ivanka to the American workers." WTF does that mean?

Author — David Renwick


"Oh daddy, oh daddy. Thank you so much for my white house job that I have no qualifications for"

Author — Fine Dandy


The way they act around each other you can tell Donald totally touched her as a child

Author — Jack Hoff


Crimes it's the family business she's a monster just like her daddy

Author — billy the dead


2:32. “United States on America”?....

Author — ScienceFan1859


Putting ivanka in power... putting a family member in power is something the communist party would do

Author — Luis G.• 15 years ago


At 2:34 "The United States ON America" Really? No - seriously, really?

Author — Hjörtur Howser


I love how Gayle King looks completely flabbergasted

Author — David Linx


Ivanka doesn’t even know what to ask for when she meets with foreign diplomats. She just wants to be with her daddy having a beautiful experience in the White House. She thinks she is helping America but she is not cause her father doesn’t even know what he is doing.

Author — Jode G


I was told Ivanka has Monica Lewinsky's old position. and we know what position that was "on her knees pleasing daddy"

Author — rich smith


Follow him around looking simple and mindless

Author — Laticia Lockleer


Pretending she's helping women while she only helps herself and Jared line their pockets.

Author — Herc Zeus


Ervonker job is to sit on daddy's lap when her hubby Jughead Kushner isn't available.

Author — Wayne Grover


If she looked like Sarah Suckabee Sanders, she’d be Chief Janitor at the White House.

Author — Allen Grigg


When you own a business or when you run a business, this is what the average father would do for his family. Hire sons and daughters to take on positions that they didn't have to compete in.

Author — bbb sss


She travels and lunches . And she's the official nepotism tester .

Author — sxybasturd


“The United States on America? Christ, she can’t even say the name of the country correctly.

Author — Hamilton Rodgers


The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!

Author — Paul Kenny


He's definitely walked in on his daughter....

Author — Papi Rooster