What exactly does Ivanka Trump do?

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What exactly does Ivanka Trump do? 4.5
CNN's Randi Kaye takes a closer look at Ivanka Trump's role in her father's administration and examines whether her job requires a security clearance.

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he has a creepy relationship with his daughter

Author — David Rogers


unbelievable to see such naive, inexperienced, non professionals thinking they're entitled to screw up a country.

Author — Stephen Kershaw


She is an insult to the people actually qualified/Educated, for that position💩

Author — Ironbudha 721


"If Ivanka wasn't my daughter, perhaps I would date her." the president.

Author — andrew


i dont know what she's doing but im sure it's illegal

Author — marc


What does Ivanka do? I'm still trying figure out what Donald Trump does.

Author — CJ Uribe


Apparently Ivanka Trump lives in the Unites States ON America.

Author — Shawn Cezanne


Jesus bloody freaking Christ. What is this? A bloody monarchy? Do we have a Queen consort, prince, and a princess?
How the heck is anyone getting away with this BS?

Author — John Kang


*"She said 'DaDdY CAN I GO WITH YOU?' and I said 'yes you can'"*
And people insist he isn't mental.

Author — RockyCycle


Ivanka's "dedication to the American workers"?
'Made in China' Ivanka...?

Author — Chris R


Pretending she's helping women while she only helps herself and Jared line their pockets.

Author — Herc Zeus


“Daddy can I go with you?” That’s what Mike pences wife says.

Author — Stephen Heyer


YAY! Let's do include nonsense Barbie in our most important diplomatic negotiations. Yea, really great idea !

Author — Robert Shaffer


I can tell you what #IvankaTrump does. She imagines herself to be royalty, plays dress up, and pretends to be Politics #Barbie 🙄

Author — Baraqua Amina Levy-Khan


Interrupt elected world leaders in forums where she has no right to be.

Author — Amoroso Gombe


She travels and lunches . And she's the official nepotism tester .

Author — sxybasturd


"The America workers, workers"
Trump: Daddy, what's a job?
Daddy trump: it's something that you'll never have to do.

Author — Jack O'Jack


Her job is to pretend a 6 foot giraffe with tiny head tiny brain big chest implants big ego big global domination fantasy playing president is cute, or even legal! DUH!?

Author — Natural Born Genius


3:35 'she said daddy can I go with you' trump says 'I like that.' And NOBODY is going to mention this?

Author — Wodinn


She is travelling the world on our dime.

Author — Robert Hennessey