NYC stores destroyed by looters, riots during George Floyd protests

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NYC stores destroyed by looters, riots during George Floyd protests 4

ooters stormed Lower Manhattan on Saturday night -- destroying store windows and lighting fires in another night of violent George Floyd protests.

The NYPD said what started as mostly peaceful protest turned to destruction when night fell.

The damage was widespread throughout multiple neighborhoods.

Apple stores, a Verizon store and clothing stores were all damaged -- not just with their windows shattered, but the contents inside were taken.
Cameras captured looters inside an Urban Outfitters at 14th and 6th moments after the windows were shattered.


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They all used promo code "Floyd" to get 100% off of all items.

Author — POTATO


"Honestly I think the looting is completely justified"

- Apparently, brain cells have also been looted.

Author — The Brain


Did you hear that stupid girl? YEAH, they deserve to loot, they have been looted from their entire lives." Say WHAT?

Author — Vegas Sims


Liberal democratic states are a joke. Vote red.

Author — Elizabeth V


How is this "justified". The lack of logic is just so insanely obvious.

Author — Michael Re


Most of these "rioters" aren't even there for Floyd, they're opportunists that take advantage of the situation to loot.

Author — Aegistahl


This is domestic terrorism. Arm yourselves.

Author — Grateful 2019


Imagine starting a fire and stealing 50 play stations and thinking that you just helped end police brutality.

Author — Yatish Patel


If they did this in China, most of them would be dead.

Author — VannTheDawn


It's interesting every city this is happening at are democrat ran

Author — Sarah Strickland


the girl said looting is completely justified!! lets loot her and see if she thinks the same

Author — Doctor K Beauty


Same people who are looting are the same people who leave trash on the ground. They have no sense of responsibility or community. Disgusting.

Author — Rain Drop


"These looters have been looted from their entire lives" says the spoiled rich kid. Somebody needs to snatch her stuff right now. Straight out of Marxist academia. THAT"s what we need to FIX.

Author — Wanda Alexander


anyone caught looting should lose their citizenship.. deported.

Author — Joeybabbs .BABBS


Psalm 46:10
Be still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth.

Author — YAH is Mighty


0:36 makes me ill. Also If there's any celebrities that support looting I hope they are blacklisted or get Covid-19. It hurts me to see innocent small business being destroyed by the rioters. Looters are no better than the cops who killed George Floyd. All this won't bring him back.

Author — Sparky Snooksbury


Hahaha "The looting is justified" wow, they destroyed the only source of jobs around now that is not justice that is Poetic Justice.

Author — Arturo Hernandez Jr


And this is why I'll never vote democRat again in my life. They love meyhem and carnage....

Author — Bill Clay


Since when are protests "peaceful" ? Most eventually end up in violence. I fully welcome martial law!

Author — F


Doubt these stores are going to come back

Author — Chinno Beano