Watch Dodge Reveal Charger Daytona EV Concept! (Speed Week Presentation)

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  • ℹ️ Published 2 months ago

At Speed Week 2022, Dodge debuts its all-new muscle car, the Charger Daytona SRT EV concept.

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BOSE is about to be the biggest aftermarket exhaust company

Author — No Name


So Dodge finally decided to make a Charger that actually looks like a Charger

Author — Paul


Saddest day in history will be when it hits the showroom floor looking completely different than this. Kudos to Hyundai for keeping their production cars close to the concepts.

Author — gravitydaddy


Love the look of this car. Definitely feel the Dodge heritage, but has a hint of Camaro in there as well somehow. Sound thing seems a little hokey and gimmicky, but I'm not really into loud engines anyway. Not sure about the transmission if it's just to regress the smooth experience I have with my Charger today to the jerky shifting of years past. Maybe they figure they need something to force you to still come in for servicing. Push to pass? I don't get it.

Author — Just Me


It’s actually not that bad. Definitely has a cyberpunk vibe to it.

Author — r e v e l a r e_ XVII


I want to see and hear it go down the road. It sounds odd just revving it but I feel like it might sound really cool flying by at 200 mph

Author — IdiotDoesThings


I get that people are disappointed or otherwise upset that this is basically the future of muscle cars, but I think this is just Dodge trying to conform to the changing times. This is their first attempt at remaking muscle car aspects in an EV, hopefully it gets better, but I don't think we should just blame Dodge for doing this and trying to keep up with the times (unless there's something else about them that brings them down that I don't know of)

Author — Ernesto Balderrama


I don't expect the production car to look much different from the concept car on the outside. It's the interior where most of the production compromises will probably show up. Love the way the concept looks!

Author — Gary Jones


I think it looks beautiful. Way better than the last gen Chargers. We haven't had a legitimate 2 door Charger muscle car since 1974.

Author — The_Great_Gavino


The Banshee sounds like when you get your car stuck in the mud or snow, and the tires just spin without you going anywhere.

Author — J K


The first actual charger by Dodge - and it's a Charger!

Author — Maximilian Klein


I just hope they don't change it too much from the prototype. I like it!

Author — Pete Miller


Getting a better look at this concept's proportions, now, I can imagine Dodge turning it into a 4-door for the production model.

Author — Ken Howard


This is hands down the best looking EV on the market.

I’m sure you’ll see custom mods to the sound. It needs some powerful subwoofers to sound like a real v8.

Author — John A


It's a weird sound but man does it look good

Author — Marcus Wilson


I'm extremely glad they created that exhaust system. I was scared that they'd make it silent and boring, but it seems that dodge might've actually done it right! Sure, some people aren't a fan of it, but I mean come on dude. You gotta admit it's pretty cool.

Author — KiegKillsReality


Kudos to dodge for honestly surpassing my expectations for an EV dodge. I expected them to do a much better job than ford did bringing the EV 'muscle car' to market because they generally dont give a crap what the industry thinks. But they've added first time features that the industry hasnt even thought of brining to the consumer market at and made a car that giggles at the mach-e and manages to piss off tesla fanboys for being the opposite of minimalist.

I have a tesla now, had a charger previously, and it's hilarious watching EV enthusiasts up in arms despite the 'big bad gas guzzlers' finally going electric. They cant understand why everyone wouldnt want to be drivng a silent boring bubble around.

Author — Mytagforhalo


"If you're going to build a Time Machine... build it with some style!!"

Author — J Ray


Honestly props to them for sticking with what makes them different and doing it their way.

Author — Jeff S


One of the best looking cars I’ve seen in a while but it’s gonna takes me years to get over that sound.. it’s like a transformers sound effect played too loud on a radio system

Author — BestBros Inc