Godot 3 - Platformer Tutorial - Part 3 - Tilesets and Tilemaps

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Create a tileset and tilemap and let's build our stage!

Download for this project available at:

Original sprites by "Buch"

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I'd love to see additional tutorials for more advanced things in the future!
Great work

Author — FleBiX


Absolute legend. It's nuts how much I've learnt from you throughout the series. just been looking back to go over and learn. You are so clear with your teaching. Are you a teacher by trade or was this solely more of a passion thing to help others?

Author — J M


I like this tutorial style where every episode is it's own small topic to learn. I feel like coming back to these lessons is easier and more organized than having longer videos.

Author — Bocahj


I like how you show us multiple ways to do things in your tutorials!

Author — Gamedevmike


Thanks for putting these tutorials together, they are very informative. Will you go into making him shoot and also the enemy movement as well? I have already a 2D game but it doesn't have enemy's and he can't shoot. Please help. Vince

Author — Everything Linux


Thank you, for the time you put into your tutorials. I'm learning a lot!

Author — deano39


Your texture map image is already perfectly designed for 16x16. I have an image that's larger, and I can't figure out how to scale it down so that the blocks fit in 16x16 boxes

Author — Rebekah Parkhurst


Built in tilemaps are one of Godot's killer features. Great tutorial, keep it up! I liked that you showed how to make them with collision shapes so that you dont have to add them manually later.

Author — Michael Thelen


It's working out great! However I do have one problem, my player keeps bobbing on the spot when touching the ground

Author — The Humanist View


So awesome—thank you! Making a game with my daughter and she is thrilled to see her character move and jump.

Author — Anthony Grant


How do I move the tiles in the 2d editor as a group?

Author — kizz06


I love Godot, but Game Maker is incredibly superior when it comes to tilesets because of its simplicity. What in Godot takes 1 hour, in Game Maker takes 5 minutes. Cool video tho.

Author — Alexander Glass Games


don't do this, instead create a new tilemap and click on "new tileset".
You'll get a nice dedicated graphic interface that you can use and it's much easier to use, it also has an autotile function

Author — Julian Avar


The tile set were not working in the main scene when I converted them...so I looked around until I found the option of "merge from scene" -- but I don't know how effective this is.

Author — laprechaun12


In the previous video, you showed us that we should re-import the image with 2d pixel because of the filters gadget uses but here you didn't do it with the raw datasheet

Author — kakoulidis ioannis


I m beginner in game development and u r really helping me alot i am on step on making thank u dude😄😄

Author — INSPIRE ME!


yea ive been trying everything, I cant get my player to collide with the tiles

Author — tackywacky99


Wow, that's tileset feature really boost the working speed

Author — Nakajima Kuro


I used this method you used in this video but I found another tutorials that shows how to make autotiles, if you're not aware of it here is the link

Author — Pedro Pou


You can use application called "Tiled" it's better than built in godot tilesets

Author — Abandoned