Moving People's Cars While They're Shopping | GTA 5 THUG LIFE #307

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Moving People's Cars While They're Shopping | GTA 5 THUG LIFE #307 5

Today in GTA 5 Thug Life, while people are shopping we take a cargobob and move their cars. Get ready for plenty of funny moments, fails and wtf moments as we play some more GTA 5 Online!

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You always make gta fun. Anytime Im on it, it's just a regular quiet session😂

Author — Epic GamerZ


Kevin have a party on a Island tell everyone you'll give the best dressed person $50, 000 and then hit every body with a airstrike! LMAO

Author — Rain Cloud


Imagine being in the same lobby as this guy and becoming a victim for content

Author — Ajingtec


Troll: Hey xpert if you didnt know if pour gas by the exhaust pipe and run a trail on top of the car and to the engine, the backfire from the exhaust pipe will light the gas on fire and follow the gas to the engine blowing up the car in a slow burning and hilarious way. NOTE: their car has to have a backfire from the exhaust pipe, and to make it funnier they have to pay the insurance...Edit: They also will probably be in a store aswell and id love to see you attempt this. Edit:Ok so people seem really confused you stand on the trunk of the car towards the exhaust pipe you pour gas on exhaust pipe from trunk of the car and run gas over the roof to the hood and make sure to put alot on the hood bc it doesn’t appear there but it does on the roof so dont put anymore than the trail from the back trunk to the windshield and when they start their car, the backfire from the exhaust pipe lights the gasoline on fire and fire run from the trunk over the roof and to the large puddle of gas you poured on the hood lighting the car on fire

Author — Intoler8


I think that GTA 5 will never die. The game has so many things to do and they're gonna update this game even more. Mad respect for still playing GTA 5 ✌🏻

Author — SomeFinnishBoy


15:54 look at his cargobob pushed by Npc's lol

Author — Siroos Honarvar


So nobody gonna talk about how he go those strippers on his phone🤣

Author — Dj Killz


😂🤣 did anybody else crack up when he said “ez these nuts”

Author — Kalon Matthews


You should pick up someone’s car, wait until they come outside for it, and drop the car on them

Author — pryncezzls


7:06 that lady was all about the thug life ._. Back in her day.. Before she worked for a clothing store she was once a hustler..

Author — Buttercup Neon


Someone make a compiliation about him saying "thug life"

Author — MrYMan


Who ever is reading this comment have a wonderful day and I wish y’all a great 2020

Author — SAVAGEPANDA_9106


10:46 are we just gonna ignore the best drift ever in GTA?

Author — Allan Diaz


0:12 So nobody gonna talk about how she said hello back at the beginning? Ok

Author — gamingmuffin620


If any other YouTuber smacked me with 6 ads, I’d be out before the getting 10 seconds in, but when Kevin does it I’m just like “cool...get paid my guy, I’m good with it!” 😂

Author — Austin Garber


Kevin started to spit bars without knowing at 3:06 😂

Author — Mark


You should pick up some ones car with then mmm in ur and tell them it’s a glitch and drop them in the ocean (plz notice this)

Author — the_bt901-rinies


This guy is keeping the game "ALIVE "in 2020

Author — Yug Pamnani


I stole some guy’s MOC yesturday while he was running a Haulage VIP Work, and dumped it into the ocean😂
enjoy the insurance!

Author — Spherz


Only ogs remember when he did MW3 irl. The old days..😭

Author — Charc's Lair