North Cyprus: Famagusta

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Ride through the streets of old town of Famagusta, a historic city in North Cyprus/
Przejazd po ulicach starego miasta Famagusty, zabytkowej miejscowości w Północnym Cyprze.

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Very nice

Turkish Cyprus forever !!

Author — Mmd Cs


What a shame all this wast. After the refusal of peace and compromise by the Greek Cypriot in 2004 Anan plan voting, the world should have recognized the Northern Cyprus Republic. Such level of egoism is incredible, they want everything as it was before 1974, without understanding that they did the coup (with the help of Greece) and that time has passed. In the modern world everyone must compromise, obviously the Greek Cypriot do not, doing so they lost the advantages they could have gotten from the very balanced Anan plan.

Author — Jojo Zul


That’s what makes it special not being recognised by the west it means no trash going to north Cyprus

Author — Okay Raif


"North Cyprus" doesn't exist. It's just the Republic of Cyprus and part of Cyprus is occupied by a foreign invador and murderer called Turkey.

Author — Thanas Django