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Coping with our daughter's new face - BBC News 4.5
Katie and her parents describe what it has been like adjusting to life since she underwent a face transplant last year.
Colm Flynn interviewed the family in Cleveland, where the 22-year-old is recovering.
Edited by Angélica M Casas

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The scary part of attempting suicide is surviving it. Then having to live with such horrific consequences.

Author — Setumo Nyakale


She was so pretty and what a lovely smile she had and all over some stupid boy. And when I say stupid it's just an expression what I really mean is how could she do something like that over such a stupid thing.

Author — alanmeires


Wow the way her father looks at her the whole time that’s love ❤️ I feel her mom is having trouble accepting her new face

Author — Vs.8


It’s horrible to say but honestly if I ended up like that after trying to commit suicide, I’d want to die even more.

Author — AJ :]


NO boyfriend....NO girlfriend...No breakup is worth ruining yourself...!! Life is hard enough...!! TAKE GOOD CARE OF YOURSELF...!!

Author — wsurfs


“Life is a gift, a tremendous gift.”
She is so correct.

Author — Audrey Carroll


When I was deeply depressed I considered killing myself but I couldn't do that to my parents

Author — Lewis Jacobs


She's so brave. If I was her I would rather have died than live with all that pain

Author — Jasmine Jones


Yeah her face is better but what about her mental state? I pray this lady is getting treatment

Author — Mel S


Aw she was so scared at 2:43 when her mom did a fake gun shot

Author — ew abby


She was so beautiful and had a wonderful life to live. All changed in secs.

Author — DemistTheLies


All the comments about how "stupid" her reasons were.... I haven't been a teenager for a long time, but during that time period, and parts of my 20s, there have been times that relationship struggles seemed life shattering and I felt worthless and pointless and just wanted the emotional pain to end. That on top of chronic physical pain.

Before you say "just a breakup" or "just a boy" or that what drove her to attempt suicide was "stupid", take a damn second and think. She obviously knows now that wow that wasn't worth it, wow I'm so lucky to be here. She's grateful. That's what it took for her to have a radical paradigm shift and appreciate every minute.

She feels awful for how it has affected her family. She says so. Suicide is an epidemic. Instead of being demeaning and belittling and discounting the emotional devastation that breakups and other relationship struggles can induce, maybe use empathy and something like wow I'm amazed at her strength and hopefully anyone who sees her story who is contemplating suicide sees a reason to live. Better yet, anyone feeling judgmental reflecting on their own loved ones and making sure to look for signs of depression and other mental health conditions. Stop the stigma. At that time, she made an impulse decision. It's heartbreaking. But it's something that has changed her and everyone around her. We all have our unique journey. Discounting her pain that drove her to attempt to take her own life is part of the problem. Never discount someone's feelings. Yes it hurts like hell. Yes it might feel like right now, nothing will ever be good again. Right now your heart is broken and you feel complete despair. But tomorrow? A week from now? A year? You really do survive heartbreak! Reach out. Ask for help. Don't shame people. Share love and support.

What an inspirational comeback story and how amazing that someone was a donor, willing in life to commit to donating organs for others in death, so they could live. A comeback story for Katie where she has a very different life than originally planned. But she's gonna live it to the fullest.

Spread love and hope ♥️

Author — Cinco De Gato


Can’t imagine about all the pain her parents go trough about her situation. She was young, pretty and full of life ahead of her. Really so sad.

Author — RIchard Venegas


See at the end of the day, whos there for you? Its always your parents...not your friends, not your boyfriend or girlfriend, you family is there to help you. Respect them and be greatful for them

Author — Steve L


She had such a beautiful face😢😢😭😭😭😭😭 . God bless the family

Author — John Covington


The was a guy in my neighborhood who was severely depressed and jumped off a bridge. He survived with a spinalcord-injury that left him paraplegic. Interestingly he has now realized the value of life and is actually cured of his depression

Author — Al R.


She was so beautiful before, this is so devastating

Author — bumblebee calica


I am a pretty strong male when it comes to my feeling and I have to say, this story tore my heart to pieces, I just want to hug her on a spiritual level and cry for her.... Sad!

Author — Armed Archangel


This is why I can't kill myself. No matter what I go through, I can't see my parents going through that.

Author — SAEL


the face transplant was from a donor who overdosed... two young ladies who needed help, need a place to talk, so if you can be anywhere, be there for others.

Author — Valpurgis Tachyon