Spurling's Test | Cervical Radicular Syndrome

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This is not medical advice. The content is intended as educational content for health care professionals and students. If you are a patient, seek care of a health care professional. There are many ways to perform the Spurling's test for cervical radicular syndrome. Here is the best way to perform it!



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I have clinical exams in two days, these are the best resources for me to pass, thankyou so much for making these videos.

Author — hello summers


Hi guys, I have been following your videos for some time and find them very useful for refreshing the techniques I regularly use. I particularly appreciate the addition of supporting evidence for each technique and love the addition of the levels of clinical value that you nprescribe your tests (your traffic light system).
I was wondering idf you have considered doing videos looking at regional anatomy and the tests you would do for each region personally and considering this traffic light system.

e.g. Neck testing... In this video we would look at our battery of tests for someone presenting with neck pain (presuming you didn't figure it out mostly already from the Hx). We would use... Spurlings, compression, distraction etc as these tests all have the highest clinical value out of the test we have assessed...

I would love to see some videos like this from you guys breaking down which tests you would use for certain regions or perhaps certain suspected pathologies and their common differentials to show your Dx sieving procedure?

Thanks and keep up the good work!

Author — Nick Foulds


what is the difference between specificity vs sensitivity? :P

Author — Vizzy T


What if you get the pain just turning your head and without the top of it even having to be touched?

Author — Gles


If the pain arises on the contralateral side of the neck while performing the spurling tst ...the possible diagnosis is?

Author — Blue Whale


What about adding lateral rotation to the affected side as the 3rd level of provocation? Since extension, lateral flexion and lateral rotation all narrow the diameter of the vertebral foramen.

Author — Kar Weng


Just woke up and I can’t move now cause of the pain in my should, neck and arm

Author — _Emmaxx9


We have to do test on pain side or opposite side?

Author — Abirami Nandyalam


If pain arises while compression it's cervical spondylosis???

Author — Prema Naidu


If pain in neck and arm while doing thia test
What is diagnoses

Author — قصص للاطفال


Hi Divya Physiotherapist here... simplicity of the video is highlight thing in your videos, providing concept in easy and simple way, its awesome..., videos are very helpful and I am happy that I am commenting for the first time for someones presentation in social media

Author — divya divya