OFFICIAL EXTENDED HIGHLIGHTS: Usain Bolt Extended Highlights | Central Coast Mariners 12.10.2018

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OFFICIAL EXTENDED HIGHLIGHTS: Usain Bolt Extended Highlights | Central Coast Mariners 12.10.2018 5

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Central Coast Mariners vs Macarthur South West United

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when you max out your character and complete the story 100% and just spend time doing side quests

Author — Professional Face Puncher


Wow this guy is hella fast, he should have done track in the Olympics instead of football.

Author — Sub 2 me For no reason


Mbappe : Im the fastest footballer !

Bolt : Hold my

Author — Axqr


He’s pretty fast though, he should consider doing running if soccer doesn’t work out

Author — Fraser


This Bolt guy is okay. Needs to work on pace in my opinion 🤔

Author — Syndicate Jr


Bolt is one of the greatest athletes of all time period!

Author — Jose Lino Pinto


The 95 behind his shirt is not the player number, is the kmh

Author — Delta Light TSFH


1:21 he just done a one two with the other team 😂

Author — Thommas


People need to realize that running a 100m or 200m is not the same as running 90 minutes on the field. It's much different. I think Usain should have become a coach or something, football is much more than just speed.

Author — BaSsGaZ


He will be good as a RB or Lb he has speed, strong, can tackle and he will struggle as a striker I think because it’s not easy to score goals also he doesn’t really know how to control the ball and time the he will easily adapt as a RB OR LB. than a striker

Author — Get Enlightened


Usain Bolt is getting better. He's still not good but getting better. He is an amateur player.

Author — maame birago


He's a bit clumsy, but I've never seen a nearly 2 meters tall player with such a speed. If he gets more used to football maybe he can do something interesting in Australian league

Author — thewatcherspain


I thought he done well, for someone who hasn't been trained in football, this team should of given him more time

Author — Debunker


Imagine if this guy ran the 100m he could win

Author — Kai Sage


Fair play to him, his will alone will probably see him work hard enough to get a contract. He's obviously got a long way to go but you can't knock the effort

Author — DL Jarman


Physic: 87
Atack :80
Spd : no limits

Author — Mark Bisma


Well, if nothing else, it's an interesting journey to follow.

Author — Tommy Darko


I luv it 😆..
Let the king have fun....he deserves it. GOAT

Author — Ernie Vega


Announcer: USAIN BOLT!!!
Me: Well yes, but no.

Author — Blast


When you are playing a storyline game and max out speed but leaves the rest at 0

Author — Peng