Ecuador: 10 Things That Shock Tourists When They Visit Ecuador

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Ecuador: 10 Things That Shock Tourists When They Visit Ecuador 5

Hey there fellow travelers, greetings from Ecuador! Here we look at some of the fun culture shocks that travelers and tourists have when they visit Ecuador. Whether you are visiting the Galapagos Islands, the capital Quito, or the historic city of Cuenca, there is so much to enjoy in Ecuador. So, we hope this tourist and travel information on Ecuador can help you enjoy your stay even more!
Filmed in Cuenca, Ecuador
Copyright Mark Wolters 2020

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Honestly, Ecuador has some of the best guides we have ever had. Certifications are required, continued education is required and promoted, and honestly, the guides we had in Ecuador were super professional, super fun, super informative, and made Ecuador so much more amazing. Highly recommend.

Author — Professor Wolters


What an adventure we had in Ecuador. The diversity of ecology just blew my mind. We had fun everywhere we went.

Author — Simply Jocelyn


I love my country ❤️❤️🇪🇨 viva Ecuador y todos los países de Latinoamérica !!

Author — Stefy Morán Andrade


Glad to see Ecuador is open again! Uruguay and Ecuador and Chile are very safe in my experience.

Author — Careful Consumer


This country would've never crossed my radar so thanks for this HOT tip Wolters World!!!

Author — Jennifer Benzie


Yes, we Ecuadorians are the best people in the whole wide world!.
Greetings to all from The Netherlands.

Author — Vandaag wordt 't


Thank you for say a lot of good things about my country. Currently I'm living in UK and this kind of videos makes me feel as I would be there💝

Author — Tatiana Torres


The Guides! They are required to be Certified and take Continuing Ed in Geological, Ecological and several other areas. They are incredibly well versed in so many areas!!!

Author — Simply Jocelyn


The good thing about being a citizen of both the U.S and Ecuador means I can visit Galapagos for 250-350$ For tourists looking to do solo backpacking and save alot of money, taxi trucks on the islands will also take you on a round trip tour in any island you choose for no more than 20-40$ Boat tickets to cross islands run 30$ per person as well. You can also find a decent hotel down there for 15-25$ in the center of each island town.

Author — Ninja Bafa


Wow! Great video! As an Ecuadorian, I second everything you stated. Your videos are always great, big fan.. keep it up 👍🏻 ( one more shock: the Middle of the World monument is NOT actually in the middle of the world, 🙃)

Author — Christian Marquez


This is an amazing video, i have always wanted to go to equador

Author — David Konicek


I know Ecuador was really suffering when the pandemic first started, especially in Guayaquil, but what is it like now? Would it be irresponsible to visit friends there?

Author — nirvana tesfay


I moved to Ecuador to Cuenca 9 mos ago and it was truly the best decision of my life.. I miss nothing about the US and will never move back.. Cuenca is a beautiful city with everything you could ever want ..

Author — Ecuador Expat


I'm heading to Ecuador in a few days!

Great video.

Author — Lost and Looking


Haha very, very accurate. Greetings from aún Ecuadorian

Author — María Leonor Cobo


Do you recommend Ecuador as your first South American country....? Cheers

Author — Nikos Niko


This country is amazing I had the privilege to visit Ecuador for a month and I had great great time. I traveled all over the country except the Galápagos Islands cuz yes the tours were around 3000$. And yes the people are so so so nice and friendly there I loved them and I loved how they were so interested and welcoming.. every time I told someone there I am a Saudi Arabian I got an amazing lovely reaction oOoOh arabia 😂😍. I will definitely comeback and visit this great country again. Be well all

Author — a7meedd


Breath of fresh air from a man who gets straight to the point. Thank you!

Author — Louie Hollis


Hello from the USA ..great ENJOY...have plenty fun. 🇪🇨

Author — Estela MEstella Estella is crying the clothes ino


I enjoyed the video. You are easily shocked.

Author — Shag Wellington