Harf e Raaz With Orya Maqbool Jan | Full Program | 25 Mar 2020 | Neo News

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Harf e Raaz With Orya Maqbool Jan | Full Program | 25 Mar 2020 | Neo News 4.5
Harf e Raaz With Orya Maqbool Jan | Full Program | 25 Mar 2020 | Neo News

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یہ قوم کو نہیں اپنی سیاست کو بچا رہے ہیں 🙏🙏🙏😢😢😧

Author — Samia Sarfraz


پلیز اُن چوال عورتوں کو اب بھر نکال کر پاکسان کی سڑکوں پر گسیٹو جو کہتی تھی میر جسم میری مرضی یہ سب اُن کی وجہ سے ہو رہا ہے

Author — Aloo Tv


Orya jan what happen to the poem you kept on saying MOMEN KO ALLAH PE BHAROSHA iblees ko europ ke machine ka Sahara” it’s seems corona fear has scared you

Author — S Saz888


اللّہ رب العالمین تمام مخلوقات پر رحمت فرما آمین

Author — Kashan Ahmed


Shahbaz sharif has come back for his political survival...nothing else, ,

Author — qaswa rafraf


جی او میرا شہزادہ اوریہ مقبول جان صاحب۔!
آپ کے اندازِ بیاں کو میرا سلام۔
we Solute You Sir.

Author — hammad kalyar


Well said orya sab. I totally agree. But i m afraid that speaking truth may have consequences. Sir I request you to offer your services to our government in this tough time

Author — Qaiser Shahzad


Orya Sahib Aap tu khud takbbar ka shikaar hyien, apky her program mein pm imran khan ki mukhalfit aur sirf mukhalfit hi ki jaatie hy.afsoos hi afsoos.

Author — Zulafaqar Ahmad


Allah Hum Pe reham karay Aur Hamaray leaders ko Hidayat de... Orya Sb please you go volunteerly to P Minister and gives him suggestions....

Author — Usman Butt


Imran imran imran
Actually yeh oont kisi karwat nahi bethe ga. Sad so sad why media jealous I think shakeel geo is black mailing to all.

Author — yasmin iqbal


Just stay positive. Nothing is proven but there are many interviews from Corona survivors. In a nutshell few advises which seemed to have helped those
1. Take high dose vitamin c 1000 mg daily for adults and older kids, for small kids 250-500 daily is good enough. Very good anti oxidant.
2. Take steam every night for 5-10 minutes. This virus is apparently slow growing and apparently does not survive in hot temperatures, so if some body has accidentally acquired it and it is initially sitting in upper airway and sinuses, then steam theoretically should kill it before it takes roots in airway.
3. Salt water gargling twice a day, same Idea that high concentration of salt should osmotically kills the virus.
4. Frequent hand washing.
5. Social distancing.
6. If you go outside then keep outside clothes separately from the clothes which you wears inside the house.

7. Take small sips of water every 15-20 minutes to keep your throat wet and theoretically frequently flush the virus in the GI tract instead of airway, so the virus will be killed by stomach acid.

8. Regular Excersice to improve the natural body immunity.

9. Most importantly; Pray to Allah.

Again nothing is proven but the above measures are very safe to continue as routine.

Further more, the guidelines are changing constantly. Medical community now is realizing that we will not be able to prevent the spread. So now there is a talk about herd immunity. Same method which was used in the past for measles, chickenpox etc before their vaccines. The way heard immunity works is, once 70% or more of the population becomes exposed to this virus, people will naturally develop immunity against it and then they cannot become a carrier. So basically the elderly and other people who are immune-compromised or have heart on lung issues, cigarette smokers etc. they need to be strictly isolated. Once 70% or more population develop immunity then they will be safe also because most of the people will not be carrying the virus and will not be contagious, even if they are exposed.

Because the mortality rate in young and healthy people is less than 0.2%, which is extremely low. People are going to get exposed to this virus, no matter what. The rate at which this virus is spreading right now and even if it slows down in the summer, it will come back in winter again. That is the natural course of Corona Virus each year; it is going to be the same for this new strain also.

So please stay positive and absolutely take care of elderly in your family and your neighbor hood. When you see them, make sure you do not give them any thing including corona. That includes your parents, if you meet them, take above precautions.

Please spread the message.

Author — Muhammad Noor



Author — Ahsan younas


حکومت کو آپ کی تجاویز پر عمل کرنا چاہئے۔ بہت اچھی تجاویز ہیں۔

Author — Çingez Khän


This show reminds of those times when the famous 'Laal Masjid' siege took place. That time General Musharraf seemed reluctant to use force against the militants and all the media houses and the famous TV shows anchors were pressurising and criticizing the Musharraf's government to tackle the militants with force. Then we witnessed what happened after the use of force the same TV anchors started accusing Musharraf of why he killed so many people.
Unfortunately our media is still the same immature.
This time media should be helping the government to creat public awareness about self quarantine.
The problem with our country is that who ever appears on the TV thinks of him/herself as a Prime Minister of this country.
I guess we should let the government take responsibility and whatever the government directs us we should follow it.

Author — Usman Asif


Great Orya Maqbool Jan I love you really you are genius analyst

Author — Mahmood Shah


Orya sir, gareebon Ki bat sun K Sara media am DM short ho gia, tumhary bank balance Hain is liy

Author — Shahid Mohsin


This host is dummy only introduce himself and Oriya maqbool and after sometime he asks maqbool Japan what we need to do it's a joke

Author — Athar Kamal


Itne akulmand ho tu khud election lard lo bataien karna aati sirf inn langdron ko

Author — Ahmed Yousuf


all these anchors bark non stop against Imran Khan. But when they come in front of him, they became bheegi billi

Author — Farooq Khan


where were you when media killed thousand in Karachi and imposed blame on political parties...Donald trump who runs channel is also fed up of media

Author — adil ahmed