Who is Rishi Sunak? Shock appointment of unknown new chancellor – BBC Newsnight

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Who is Rishi Sunak? Shock appointment of unknown new chancellor – BBC Newsnight 4

Sajid Javid shocked Westminster by quitting as chancellor in the middle of Boris Johnson's cabinet reshuffle.

Mr Javid rejected the prime minister's order to fire his team of aides, saying "no self-respecting minister" could accept such a condition.

He has been replaced as chancellor by Chief Secretary to the Treasury Rishi Sunak - who just seven months ago was a junior housing minister.

With just 4 weeks to go until the budget, the 39-year-old from Southampton with a reputation for loyalty will have to get to grips with one of the hardest jobs in government.

Lewis Goodall reports

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BBC doesn’t know anything about him. Not even enough to fill a three minute video.

No wonder we’re in such a mess.

Author — Matt Scott


Damn vikkstar’s rise through politics was fast

Author — Tim Manley


Rishi Sunak is basically a plastic bag with Bojo's hand in it. There's no way he'll turn his back on Boris

Author — Noah Bowie


From the bojo book “how to make a yes man” make a no body a some body.

Author — a Cat


" *SHOCK !* "
A word that is overused like a smack over the head while being told BS until you react in a certain way. Social conditioning for the herd 101.

Author — Rad Derry


Michael Phelps+Sundar Pichai=Rishi Sunak

Author — krishna sharma


We have been a member of the EU since the 70s
It is stupid to think that there shouldn't be unity in the government on our exit

Author — petegiant


He's simply a yes man. An empty suit who will follow orders unlike his predecessor.

Author — Royal Zak


I'm so glad we do not have to trust an egg head with all our hard earned savings & investments> Maha Rishi you are very well come>dd

Author — david Rikx


Great appointment by the prime minister Dominic Cummings yes man to him and all his banker friends rule Britannia

Author — Ryan Murphy


90% of comments are talking about how much they hate him and it's only his first few months in politics

Author — KΛM


He said he couldn't imagine anyone using the "P word" in this day and age. What a wonderful world he lives in.

Author — RinsedSkateboarding


some say he is a stooge, we shall see.

Author — Vinay N


Find out who boris's wife is.the real power in the shadow💰

Author — Mark Simons


*Who will listen to boris*
This guy: aye aye captain!

Author — Max Pain


That was such a lack of information it barely covered what I already knew about the guy, this was like a gossip piece, political TMZ...

Author — Don't Trip


A yes man - saved you from watching the vid

Author — M R


What difference does it make who he is his intentions will be as evil as most of the other politicians

Author — BudgieInfo


Right now the press are searching his online activities

Author — Azarul Ahmed


He's been kinda thrown in at the deep end now.

Author — Ghost 610