Create, Save and Share Title Templates in Premiere Pro CC

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Create, Save and Share Title Templates in Premiere Pro CC 5

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Learn how to create, save and export graphic title templates in Premiere Pro CC. This step-by-step tutorial walks you through the process of creating your title, importing graphics and images into your title, and saving your work as a template you can use over and over again. You will also learn how to import and save your template onto another computer.

Content Directory
0:03 Intro
0:30 Creating your title with the title tool
1:00 Using the gradient tool
3:24 Inporting a PNG graphic to include in your title
4:16 Adding text to your title
7:49 Saving your title graphic as a template
8:56 Creating your titles with a template
10:08 Exporting your tempate to use on another computer
11:15 Importing and saving a template from another computer into Premiere Pro CC

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You're Awesome thank you! Just what I needed to know AND I learned about lower thirds in AP which I'd been wanting to know. Great breakdown and explanation.

Author — Peaches Chrenko


Thank you for making this video!! It would have taken me forever to track down the directory where that template folder is. Your help is much appreciated!

Author — Word of Advice TV


what if I want to make a template of motion text and images? I gave motion to text and used the same steps you told. But while importing text, just text comes up, not the motion! Can you give me solution?

Author — Sujay Bhosale


This is so helpful. Thank you for your tutorial, sir.

Author — Indi Aji


this is EXTREMELY Helpful!!!! THANKYOU

Author — Samantha Isom


Very clear! Well done. I do appreciate that you zoom in on panels as in other people tutorials it is hard to see whats going on. Thanks

Author — Rafael Hernandez


`Very well Explained. I was asking myself how to save a template and you went beyond that. Im going to bookmark this. Its a time saver for me. Thanks for putting this video together.

Author — That Horror Show


here in 2019, because we can only deploy 2017 at work. Thank you this was very helpful.

Author — Peni Kamakorewa


Thank you, very helpful and experienced!

Author — New Views


Awesome, that is exactly what I was looking for. Will use this on my next video. Thanks!!!

Author — Rodrigo Nossaki


Perfect! very clear instruction in a timely manner. thank you

Author — Rex Singleton


Thanks, but I do have a question: how to add self made titles to the Title Styles?

Author — Huub Derksen


can you show how to save your own title template animations in after effect? Like if I want a text animation to be the same but I want to change the words later. Thanks, great video btw!

Author — Payton


very clearly explained thanks for this video :)

Author — Jeevan Saini


awesome!! exactly what I was looking for :)
keep going with your videos

Author — Cindy SANTOS


very good I loved it. My question is how can i put video using on low third? can you help me with that

Author — Phakwan SDL Gabriel


Thank you Sir. Very useful for me. You are my Great teacher.

Author — Sundara Rajan


Really great tutorial. Thanks so so much!

Author — Dave Lovely


Thanks for the time you took in doing this.

Author — xArturo999


Thank you for helping me learn something new.

Author — B.J. Rowe