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Fidget Spinner Trick Shots | Dude Perfect 5

It's not quite water bottle flipping, but you CAN do trick shots with fidget spinners!!

Music by Adventurer
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Im doin a social experiment to see how racist different comment secions are are(im bored). On a scale of one to ten, how racist are you?

Автор — faceslap


Remember when this said 1 hour ago instead of 2 years ago? Time flies.

Автор — Bobcloset


Dude perfect doing these trick shots with figet spinner and i can’t even toss a figet spinner in the air and catch while it’s still spinning

Автор — Dai'Zriel Arenivas


YouTube algorithm. Anyone got this recommended in 2020

Автор — Senuka Abeysinghe


*Cats* meow
*Birds* chirp
*Dogs* woof
*Frogs* croak
*Dude Perfect*

Автор — The Golden Named Willow


Out of 88k comments you found mine

Here's a cookie 🍪
(I hope u will be a succesful person someday)



Anything: *EXISTS*

Dude perfect: we can do trick shots with that

Автор — Elizabeth Fitzwater


Who still watch dude perfect because of the quarantine?

Автор — Itachi Uchiha


2020 YouTube: Heres a 3 year old Dude perfect video

Автор — Pokebrothers


The amount of effort put into these tricks

Автор — Earn Preechaphan


like if there should be a first try edition

Автор — Squid Nation


No one:
Literally no one:
Me: After first trickshot, tys hand move matched the song 0:19

Автор — TruAddicT


"Golden Snitch" basically 6IX9INE in a nutshell

Автор — Akian Black


At 5:25 I can’t imagine the pain of Cory’s finger after spinning the fidget spinner against the grip tape of the skateboard over and over again

Автор — Reuben Phillips


Dogs “woof”
Cats “meow”
Cows “moo”
Dude Perfect

Автор — Glenn Miller


Who’s watching this during 2020/ quarantine? Cause I know I am!

Автор — Flex on Fyre


Everyone here tryna toss and catch each other’s fidget spinners, meanwhile Cody just throws spinners at stuff LOL 0:42 3:51 5:14 5:36

Автор — Gabriel Wang


I was a little nervous when he spun the spinner with the air compressor because a few days ago I did that and the thing exploded and almost took the thumb. it still hurts to this day.

Автор — S0DA_P0P


Lockdown day 53: Watch old dip vids outta boredom

Автор — Muhammad Usman


Soon the military will use this weapon

Автор — Rohit Virdi