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How weird would it be to walk into a law firm or meet your house renovator and realize the person you're working with is a former superstar musician? Those things could happen, because some former musicians have given up the limelight and now​ work totally normal jobs.

Few rappers rose to fame as quickly as Vanilla Ice did back in 1990, when "Ice Ice Baby" was all over the radio and his album To the Extreme was number one for four months. But it's also true that few rappers have gone out of favor as quickly as Vanilla Ice did. Between acting in his own movie, to his cameo in and theme song for a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles flick, to his follow-up album that yielded no hits and didn't even chart, Ice fell hard and fast. At one point in the mid-nineties, he was left just dabbling in music while building a reputation as a competitive Jet Ski racer, before returning to the studio to make a rap-metal album aimed at the Limp Bizkit crowd.

But then Ice did something remarkable. He took some of those "Ice Ice Baby" residuals and invested in real estate. He became quite adept at buying properties, fixing them up, and reselling them at a higher value, a practice commonly known as "flipping." To the surprise of just about everyone but Ice himself, he was really good at it. He became more or less a full-time real-estate mogul and remodeling expert, creating his own company and even starring in his own reality TV series, The Vanilla Ice Project, on the DIY network. He still tours occasionally, but his hip-hop concerns take a back seat to his house-flipping responsibilities.

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Would you rather be a famous musician or a regular person with a normal job?

Author — Grunge


Title should read: "Musicians and actors who went on to other things"

Author — Lee Churchill


Why TF is Erykah on this? She tours 9 months out of the year, EVERY year, and definitely isn’t finish with music.

Author — Mellow williams


Erykah Ba-doula...😜. I’m sorry, I had to.

Author — Alia A


Erykah does that on the side she is still highly successful and still/currently on tours and etc

Author — Unapologetically DJasmine__


Literally 99.9% of musicians work "normal jobs" (while continuing to make music privately).. because unless you "make it big" it's almost impossible to support yourself, as an artist. Being a musician doesn't mean you get paid for it... being paid for it doesn't substantiate your musicianship in any way. People seem to only give credence to those who "make it", ignoring the reality that those who make it are actually an abnormal blip in the world of art and music, because "making it" doesn't actually necessarily have anything to do with talent at all - but luck, the ability to play the game, and marketability. The world will never know how many actual musical and artistic geniuses it has missed, and lost... there are geniuses out there right now, that no one will ever know about. I know of a couple right now... and it's a horrific shame, for the world not to ever know their music.

Author — Stephanie Palladino


imagine being on your deathbed in a hospice and Ms. erykah badu walks in to spiritually comfort you

Author — Calum Nesbitt


Erykah Badu’s still a super star, thank you very much!

Author — piecesofme


Vanilla Ice running his own company is not what most would call a regular job. Danny's still a star but radio instead of TV.

Author — hydrolito


Your definition of a "normal" job and my definition of a "normal" job are very different things....

Author — Grey


I thought this was going to be about flash-in-the-pan musicians who work at Burger King.

Author — Paul Smith


wow what erkya does isn't a job, its straight-up kindness and selflessness

Author — Angela B


Yep, some of them actually had brains and knew when to leave instead of becoming destitute and washed up then dying young in a hotel room..alone.

Author — Phil Studdert


>Works for the US Government in Counter-terrorism and war games
> "Normal Job"


Author — Lunar Shift


Erykah is a kind musician and doing noble job... Makes me happy

Author — Nova Chamber


Normal people change careers all the time. I don’t see why we should judge these people for picking a different path, it’s not always about money. People do change in their lifetime.

Author — Larry O


This goes to show that if you start as a celebrity you can still make lots of money doing something else . It's not like any of them are working fast food Drive Thru .

Author — Hemi Head


They forgot to mention me who used to be a starving musician and now a starving salesman.

Author — Tansu Tumer


Very different opinion on what "normal jobs" means

Author — Mam Jack


Bonaduce was a child ACTOR, not a musician.

Author — Fi Handley