Chromatin Immunoprecipitation (chip assay)

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Chromatin Immunoprecipitation (chip assay)- This lecture explains about the chromatin immunoprecipitation technique also known as Chip assay. it involves the antigen antibody reaction to precipitate chromatin structure.
Chip assay principle and mechanism is well explained along with the importance of the chromatin immunoprecipitation assay.
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FACT,   you have been my professor for the whole semester. thank you

Author — Atef Almalky


Shomu, thank you sooo so much for all you work here on YouTube. You've helped me countless times, really. Keep up the great work, you're one of the best out here :)

Author — Taís Menezes


Thank you so much sir. Your involvement while teaching is good and covering all the useful topics of life sciences. Great



thank you so much for this video! I've been having difficulty properly visualizing and understanding this concept and you've helped me finally comprehend it! Really, thank you so much!

Author — Marietta Donatella


Thank you so much for your breakdown video!! I am in a genetics class and having difficulty understanding these methods. Thanks!

Author — Tracy Rodriguez


Hi, I was wondering what the proteins of interest usually are for ChIP, as I'm a bit confused of the overall significance of this assay relative to chromatin. Thanks so much and I loved this video!

Author — Nathan Xu


Thanks a lot for all the videos you are uploading here! It saved my life :D You are very good at explaining things easily, great Job! Even I could understand and follow you. :)

Author — PsychToGo


Greatest teacher ever!! Happy Teachers' day Sir!!

Author — Kaavya Surianarayanan


This guy is my teacher ♥️♥️♥️❤️❤️❤️❤️ you have helped me in every exams of mine

Author — ayesha saman


Such an amazing explanation. Thank you!

Author — Paul Bevins


You have helped me with your videos so much, thank you for doing this.

Author — E. A.P.


Thank you for explaining this so well!!! :)

Author — Besma Brewer


Very nice video! One question I have is why the addition of formaldehyde would help the protein binds more tightly to the DNA?

Author — Cathy Tang


You explain everything so well! It all makes sense! Thnks

Author — Diamond Mitchell


thank you very much for this video, it helped a lot!!
well done :)

Author — Sandra Maria


Thank you much for this video!!! I finally could understand it. :)

Author — Mariko Spalding


Hi! I really liked your video, very didactic, thank you!!!

But I have a question, how do we know that the endonuclease enzyme will cut exactly where the protein is binded?
I mean, if it cuts a little more of the sequence that the protein is binded, when you isolate the sequence with the antibodies, the isolated will no be only the region which the protein binded.
So, how do we know where the enzyme will cut?

Author — Rayssa Feitosa


thank you, Sir. wonderful explanation.

Author — Mayukh Roy


Thanks! I understand it now!! Why couldn't my professor explain it like this?!

Author — Adnan Shah


thanks, my professor doesn't have use a textbook so this really helps!

Author — Birinder Nijjar