How To Transfer A Picture To Wood

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How To Transfer A Picture To Wood 5

How To Transfer A Picture To Wood

When I first uploaded this video I had to disable comments after 170,000 views due to so many people telling me I said Mod Podge wrong you can only imagine how over whelming it became I also had so many rude mean comments from people that are just looking to cause pain and hurt. My amazing subscribers were defending me and got the backlash I could not allow it any further.
Now let's jump to 2020 and over 2 Million views I still get tons of positive emails and facebook messages over this video people apologizing for others actions and tons of questions. So I'm ready to see comments again I hope you find this video helpful and please feel free to ask question.

Thank you to everyone that has watched this video! And thank you to everyone that has sent so many positive emails and messages along the way :)


Paper used?
regular printer paper 20 pounds

What printer can I use? Ink jet
In this video I used laser (I forgot as my sister printed this for me) but over the years I have been using Ink jet.

Can I use any Mod Podge? Yes

How did I make the names?
A vinyl cutter I use a Cricut maker

Where do I get my contact paper for the vinyl?
Dollar tree clear shelf liner

My cousin asked me to make this for her since I use to make these on canvas. So I thought I would share hoping someone would find this helpful :)

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What a lovely and personal gift, sure to be treasured. The design and materials are a perfect fit with his western attire. Great job with the video too.

Author — J Gibbon


I luv the way you did this specially the black lettering makes it stand out with matching black in his waist coat

Author — Mariette Maritz


This has come out to be beautiful. Just one question can I use letter sticker available in market

Author — Get Creative With Poulomi Goswami


That looks amazing, I'm thinking of doing a coffee table with the same effect and was wondering if you could put a varnish or something else onto the pictures with out affecting them?

Author — North East Rider


Hi. This is only the second video of your’s I have watched, & I opened the description for info and was shocked by your explanation regarding this post. There were people treating you so poorly you had to disable comments!!??? That’s just people who only feel better about themselves by belittling others!🤯I’m glad you’ve been able to get into the headspace to repost and ignore all mean things people say/said. Personally, I don’t understand the reason for the negativity for the piece. It turned out SO AWESOME!💛💛💛💛

Author — Jana Gifford


thank you!! thank you for being so detailed in your explanation of how to! You Rock and i actually learned something!! LOL thanks!

Author — Gigiheart


What a great idea! I have so many gifts in mind. Thank you very much.

Author — Lauren Fields


💘thank you for sharing..I have never seen this before..looks wonderful and personal for gifting..💜GOD BLESS YOU

Author — Debra Temple


Awesome! I wanna try one of these, can you do a video on a canvas type? Or do you have one?

Author — Lakota Belone


Would this work on painted wood? It's beautiful!

Author — schy scar


I just started working with wood and am so excited about trying this!! Thank you for the detailed explanation and sharing your talent 😊

Author — Erica Jones


love this. my question (not sure if I missed it in your tutorial), after picture is transferred can you use a poly coat right away of must I use the mod posh first? can you use a stain over it as well?

Author — kerry murphy


Absolutely love ❤️ it!!!
What kind of wood did you use? I would love to do this for my family for Christmas.

Author — Dawn Mason


Thank you for the detailed instructions! That is awesome! Have a great weekend :)

Author — Edward Wallace


Hello thank you so much for sharing and Happy New Year! 😊

You mentioned in one of the comments that Is possible to paint the wood with a light coat of white stain to bring out the colors of the image. My question is: Is it possible to paint the wood with white paint and then add the images after?

Thank you! 🙏🏼😊

Author — Felipe Mazoco


You need to watch your ring scarping the wood, it could tear great video thank you

Author — Brenda's Art Studio


Hello darlin! I love your video, thank you for making it. The project looks so amazing. Questions though.. I think I understood the photo transfer well, but not the transferring if the words.
1.) What is that word transfer process called?
2.) How do I get the words onto the white paper?
3.) Where do I get that white paper?
4.) And where do I get the clear material that picks up the letter (you mentioned Dollar Tree has it but didn't quite know what I was looking for, is there another cheap online alternative?)

I'm sorry if you already answered some of these questions, I just got a little lost.

Thank you!

Author — Kelly


Thank you for showing this project. I was wanting to learn this method of pictures on wood. Love it!

Author — Odilia Sanchez


Thank you for sharing. I really like this. I just don't like that knotty hole. But creatine

Author — mary avalos


Oh my goodness! I haven't seen this process since my early grade school days (80's). This is so beautiful!

Author — ephitania