20-Minute Victoria Sport Workout For Toned Abs and Legs

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20-Minute Victoria Sport Workout For Toned Abs and Legs 5
Stay strong all Summer with Victoria Sport Ambassador Lindsey Harrod's 20-minute high-impact cardio workout. Tone your whole body through circuits including plank jack burpees, around-the-world jump squats, and more — no equipment needed!

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💬 Comments on the video

thank you popsugar fitness, I love this! I never thought I would say this, but the toning sections here are AWESOME! and the cardio is lit, like always. please do more! and bring this trainer back please!

Author — Maeve Jones


Loved the workout, I sweat buckets! Just one thing: please refrain from using negative phrases like "I know you are tired" "I am tired too" "Are you tired yet?"..i felt like my energy levels dropped every time I heard the trainer say it. And my mind gave up before my body did. Otherwise, the workout was great and sweaty!

Author — iDev Event Company


Phew - feeling the impact Ladies! Good job! ❤️😉💪

Author — Rebecca-Louise


Do not overestimate the 20 minutes! They are so so worth it! Bring her back for 30 and 45 minute workout please!

Author — Marcia Pze


Great workout! Loved that I could still feel the burn by doing the modifications!

Author — Libby Audrey


Amazing full body work!!!! Lovin' this burn!

Author — Susan Weinhardt


nice but i wish the workouts weren't that long

Author — Emilia Mckenzie


How would you classify this for people who keep track on a fitness diary and calorie? Under what name could I register this for example on MyFitnessPal?

Author — Tímea Tarjányi


Omg that was tough. I really like Lindsay. Hope she’ll be doing more videos in the future!

Author — La Casavloga


Literally watching this video while I’m eating junk food in bed

Author — عـاشـه


I love this workout! Very easy exercises, I really liked that you also included the "modified" versions! Definitely gonna subscribe <33

Author — Nora Lund


This made me sweat like I didn’t think it would but somehow i felt frustrated throughout..perhaps a little dull.

Author — Lauren Smith


This is the only workout i do thank you so much this help me so much

Author — samanta serinelli


To be honest, I didn't like this video that much. I think the time for each exercice was too long for me. I prefer when we do 2 or more circuit so I am not bored as much! But I have sweat a lot so that's good!

Author — Cloé Carbonneau


Great workout! High intensity but easy to stay on track. I feel awesome! Thank you, PS!

Author — Laura Looney


You are always wonderful. Thanks for all the videos.

Author — Mahmoud Talebi


Big fan of the Victoria sport workouts! Hope your well Anna!!!!

Author — Jade Sugden


Ok this is dumb that break in between the circuits was like 10 seconds

Author — Tia Hughes


That was so hard and yet so amazing! 👌🏾

Author — Glitterbug Gifts


This has become one of my favorite PopSugar Workouts. Have done this one repeatedly!

Author — sweetpeachrista12