Breaking into GMI Headquarters to Find Truth About Game Master Hacks! Matt and Rebecca

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Breaking into GMI Headquarters to Find Truth About Game Master Hacks! Matt and Rebecca 5
Matt and Rebecca Zamolo meet with RZ Twin who helps them break into the GMI headquarters to discover the truth about the Game Master.

After Rebecca Zamolo used twin telepathy to trick the RZ twin into thinking she was a different Youtuber, we try to talk her into helping us. We have rescued the RZ Twin before and now we need a favor before she goes missing again. On her arm there is a barcode that they are using scanners for. We think that if we bring her to the GMI headquarters she will help us break into the building and find our contracts. When we arrive it turns into a hide and seek chase as we are following one of the GMI agents. He leads us down a hall when the Real Rebecca Zamolo walks too close. He notices her and starts talking thinking she is RZ twin. They start a secret meeting but Daniel is able to hack into the security camera to see what they are saying. It sounds like Rocky might be in trouble as one of the Agents gets upset. Rebecca escapes and we start looking for a room that the her clone has now found. Once we get inside we use a secret code to unlock the box and start looking at our contracts. Is looks like we are the only three under contract and instead of ending the game we have now started the game. Before we can read everything one of the agents comes to the door and RZ twin distracts them. Something goes wrong and she is taken away. Can we escape and rescue the RZ twin? Thanks for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos for kids in 2019!

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Can we trick Rebecca into getting into the Headquarters to find the truth?

Author — Matt and Rebecca


Who else clicked as soon as possible like literally ASAPP😂😂

Author — Yara Zakzouk


The real rz twin said a long time ago that “ do not trust anything or anybody “

Author — Jeiry Rodríguez


Does this mean that Ro's clone is apart if the GMI too😱

Author — Alyssa Kay123


If you are part of the ZamFam like this comment

Author — Princess Casil


R oyal
E exiting
B eautiful
B est person
E xelent
C ost the most as a friend
C ost the most as a anything
A mazing

REBECCA. sry if I spelt anything wrong if I did pls comment

Author — Leilah Park


This is how many people think Matt and rebecca are
An amazing couple

Author — Isaac Saldana


I have a question if Daniel have a crush on RZ twin does that mean that he likes Rebecca too?? Cuz RZ twin looks just like Rebecca

Author — Bas. Tula


Hi Matt Rebecca and Daniel i am in a tornado watch I hope nothing happens but awesome video I love your vids!

Author — Thadeus Odell


Can u upload quicker pls. Its just that I love ur vids and I'm very curious 💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓

Author — Alice Williams


I live in Australia, Sydney but I don't have the money and time to come because it is in Melbourne

Author — Iam Savina


Rebecca Matt and Daniel I love your vids keep doing what u are doing I love them 😍
Like if u agree Matt Rebecca and Daniel can u please like I have never had a YouTube like this

Author — Summer Pettitt


You need to hide rz twin and then stop the gmi

Author — Sean Gleason


The last I watched this is a week ago and it didn’t ask me a question and it sounded like RZ twin and now it sounds like Rebecca

Author — mauzguate


I think that the ones that did the face reveal are clones to be honest. save RZ twin RZ twin helped y'all so you shld help her

Author — Tisha Tang


i am so worry about you guys PLEASE BE CAREFULL LOVE YOU GUYS

Author — Anul Nidel


Mr.x is going to be mat and the Rz twin I going to be Rebecca wen they take over you YouTube channel

Author — Jerry Luke


don't trust them . because RZ twin said
don't trust them

Author — Star Fans



Author — Jamie Wigley


Already done.
They probably think she's you.😲