How To Find ALL Secret Armour And Items! - Kingdom Come Deliverance TUTORIAL

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How To Find ALL Secret Armour And Items! - Kingdom Come Deliverance TUTORIAL 4.5

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Well.. just after making this video, i found a 6th map you can buy off a merchant :O

Автор — Resonant


A very hard lockpick? Yeah that's for late game. I got into the easy one though. Resonant, you just gotta do it slowly.. smoothly.. and with great patience. Warhorse Studios made their locks like women, gotta be gentle before you get the goodies

Just making a bit of fun, people

Автор — Cyber0135


can you imagine a coop mode for Mount and Blade Bannerlord

Автор — BoneyHD


you can get them without the pre order :)

Автор — Tobias


I dont know why ppl are rambling about lockpicking?... it‘s damn easy, except that it doesnt lvl fast and you cant open locks that are „too high“ in skill lvl

Автор — Krauser II


The Warhorse gear is Pre-Order only, the rest is in there. Cheers!

Автор — R Donner


Lock picking is not that hard once u do it a couple times. I do understand that it is hard at the start.

Автор — Knights Of The Realm


Chest 4 has the helmet, a light brigandine a heavy warhammer and some trivial stuff

Автор — Maarten M


This is already one of my all time favorite games. It'll only get better with time too!

Автор — Raveous Carlias


The 5th chest with the VERY Hard lock contains
-Dark plate armour jacket
-2 books
-Warhorse brigandine
-Warhorse Hauberk
-Yew long bow, best bow Ive found thus far.
and other stuff

And 4th Chest has a godly Warhammer that smashes armor like chess.

Автор — Iiqhtninq


Without the pre-order, these locations do not contain the special Warhorse Studios armor.

Автор — The1Corrupted Media


Can the developers please fix the texture issues we all been having. Well for console that is

Автор — Dan Aldom


Just use saviour schnapps until you lockpick it.

Автор — Aidan Allen


For everone that's playing on PC with a controller (like me), take this advice from me: for lockpicking, ALWAYS use keyboard and mouse. You just have to press a button to turn the lock instead of using the left stick and the mouse is WAY more precise than your right stick (at least for me). With the controller, I wasn't even able to lockpick very easy locks.. with mouse and keyboard, I managed an easy lock in my first try (havn't tried harder locks yet).

Автор — Ser Luke


There is also another treasure map with the scribe in Rattay next to the chronicle book when your looking for limpy, its on the bookshelf.

Автор — Devin


. . . That's interesting. I got the game on release date, not pre-ordered, and I got the maps and gambeson in my home chest.

Автор — SparrowFae


On that first one there’s a burnt down shack a little ways down closer to the charcoal burners with a chest with a hard lock on it. It must be good for it to be a hard one. Someone check it for me! Nice vids man 👍

Автор — ocelotl213


what about walkthrough? are you not going to show us full story?

Автор — nika niki


I find your directions are hard to follow.

Автор — Winston Churchill


If you are bad at Lockpicking have fun with the sidequest where you visit a Bathinghouse together with Hans Canton xD

Автор — SuperGameApple