Pulp - Babies (Official Video)

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Music video by Pulp performing Babies. (C) 1993 Universal Island Records Ltd. A Universal Music Company.

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I love the bass lines of Steve ❤️
Rest in peace 😢

Author — Verónica Prado Guevara


Surprised no-one is commenting on how amazing the bass is in this song. I really have a soft spot for the 90's highly tuned, Peter Hook sound.

Author — TMAH


Common people is their signature song, but this is my personal favourite to be honest.

Author — mesca todd


Jarvis is an amazing mix. He has the swagger of Mick Jagger, the charisma of Freddie Mercury, the edgy cynical front of the Gallaghers, a bit of Bowie and the looks of Jim Morrison. Amazing guy. Why the hell weren't Pulp bigger than

Author — john taylor


My brother stopped his car, once, in Sheffield, to let a pedestrian cross. It was Jarvis Cocker, wearing fluffy slippers and a sassy dressing gown. A brilliant, one-off original!

Author — Decades


RIP Steve Mackey (November 10, 1966 – March 2, 2023), aged 56
You will be remembered as a legend.

Author — Jack Spry


Best line in a song " I know you won't beleive it's true I went with her because she looks like you" pure gold.

Author — Trevor Tucker


I'm obsessed by this song: it reminds me all the girls I loved in my life.
It's a sensual masterpiece: no other British artist in the 90s has produced a wonderful product like that.

Author — David Siena


Dear mother of god, this is a MASTERPIECE

Author — Luis Nava Castañeda


RIP Steve Mackey, the sound of his bass in this song is amazing 😞

Author — Victor GarP


One of the best pop songs ever heard. Masterpiece.

Author — winnerby


I feel like crying a little. This is such a sweet song. It reminds me of my teen years. Music was everything to me. It was my whole world.

Author — silverfish2341


Why have I never heard of Pulp before? This band is amazing (I'm a Yank - maybe they didn't get much airplay here in the US at the time). Great band, in the mold of New Order, Cure, Smiths, etc.
This is what makes YouTube great.

Author — BigDumApe


The many different, heartbreaking, riffs in this are like a velvet purse - Babies is high romantic seediness. It's exquisite. There won't quite be a Pulp again as it requires first hand, bewildered, knowledge of supermarkets that are all decorated in various shades of brown, of environments where Rita Sue and Bob Too is a sympathetic contemporary, of the descent of the north amongst the chattering classes, of the culturelessness of Thatcherism and, yes, even of free university tuition that meant more of the intelligentsia were of very different backgrounds (and were cooler because lack of money didn't obsess them) . No more a taste of honey unless it's a euphemism.

Author — Paul Wilde


Pulp's music is like James Acaster's humor: cheeky but can't help but love it.

Author — Stefan Scripca


I once sang this song to a girl one night, I took her home, I gave her children, she became my girlfriend and now she's my wife

Author — G


I think we can all conclude from this video that music used to be more interesting and stimulating and regardless of your age group/generation this will always be a banger

Author — chichi Vincent


steve, thank you for the amazing music. love you man. 💗

Author — ladywriter's soggy crumpets


If you've got this song in your life, your life is good. Long live pulp and their poptastic genius.

Author — Charlie Chaz


He shook my hand at Glastonbury festival, love Pulp seen three times and he is a proper front man, so engaging and had the audience in the palm of his hand. Superstar.

Author — Leon plays yeet