Longplay of LEGO Racers

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Longplay of LEGO Racers, played as the NTSC version on the Nintendo 64. This game's version was released on Nov. 31st, 1999. Tell us what you think by leaving a comment down below!

0:00:00 - Start
0:01:20 - Customization
0:03:33 - Circuit 1
0:14:17 - Circuit 2
0:25:05 - Circuit 3
0:37:25 - Circuit 4
0:48:10 - Circuit 5
0:58:35 - Circuit 6
1:10:54 - Circuit 7
1:14:46 - Credits

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This game is basically a bad racing game with customizable cars and characters (lego, duh). Your car is faster when it’s heavier so you just load a fuckton of bricks on it. Next up, you race around to collect white and green bricks because they give you a warp turbo which gives you a big advantage over your opponents.

Author — LongplayArchive


why does everyone hate this game? i loved it when i was a kid and i'd play it again as an adult

Author — Freddyroodoo


Im stuck at my office, while it snows outside like im watching a longplay of a game I played when I was 8....goddamn this is a strange day.

Author — Sergio Ruiz


The rubber banding on this is INSANE on some of the races, and on others you can just lap the AI 3 times over.
Like any other game with customisation though I spent most of my time making cars and racers, instead of racing. I had a lot of fun with this game as a kid though, as an adult I can see how bad it was but it's still rather impressive from a technical perspective.
Nostalgia trips are nice.

Author — Infinity Tea Lizard


Fun fact: There is a glitch from one of the AI racers on adventure temple trail. Look closely from 31:42-31.49. The second blue circle has made a temporary speed boost that passes you even if he is cursed by a mummy trap. Reason for this is because he used a power-up but not a green one, its a level 2 red power-up(grappling hook) where he launches in front of his other AI racer. This was not suppose to happen but it did from an AI and its not just from N64, it happened on both PS1 and PC as well. Sadly it won't work if you do it.

Author — Maxi Dy


I always tried to beat the whole game cuz I thought this game was cool asf every time I played I managed to win every car set of every boss specially basil the bat lord cuz that car was fire as f and fast I played every thing until the final boss rocket racer and won his car set sad part is that I never had a controller pak to save my shit so I always had to redo my whole game sad story but true

Author — Luis angel García perez


Wow seeing that High voltage sign at the beginning brought back so many memories

Author — Human Being


This is such a great game! Despite it not having aged that well.

Author — Matthew Reynoso


I’m so glad I found this opened up another childhood memory geez

Author — E L I


This game was my childhood, I would be on the PC for hours for this and all the different Lego games

Author — Kyle Gaymer


Played this when it was new, I remember it being ok. I would like to replay it and see how it goes.

Author — Old era video game reviews


It always did and still makes me laugh to hear Rob-N-Hood only say "Ouch!" when he does anything.

Author — Poxell91


I used to play this when I was younger.

Author — Doctor Awesomeness


i remember very bad handling, low graphics and bad sound effects, but some of the racetracks were awesome with its shortcuts, the items were insane and building your own racecar was so cool
i had very much fun with this game back then

Author — Groorg


A long time ago it was a good racing game back in my childhood but today of course it would not make so much fun back it used to be.

Author — CAXN


I love this game... but the fact that you only use the green block/ 3 whites... is a shame... so many fun and useful tools and you focus on green only... that's why you almost fail against Captain RedBeard.

Author — HeReL662


Two things that you need to remember about this game...
1. The warp turbo boost is a joke
2. Captain redbeard loves red bricks
That is all...

Author — general chaos


this game was and still is the shit for me

Author — optimoose Jones


miss this game still have it!
brings me back good times.

just gotta get some sorta HDMI converter or a mod for our N64 to clean it up even pimp it out with LED's, new shell etc

Author — M4TT YN


This was childhood. I spent more time on this game more than any other ones. But..played this on PC. Everything about this game was fun to me, so fun I had to be on a game time limit from my mom.. This game was no exception. So addicted I had mental issues😨

Author — Audrey Hale