What Abaco Islands in the Bahamas look like after Hurricane Dorian

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What Abaco Islands in the Bahamas look like after Hurricane Dorian 4.5
Hurricane Dorian devastated the Bahamas. This is what the Abaco Islands look like after the Category 5 storm.

Video by Al Diaz & Marta Oliver Craviotto/Miami Herald
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This breaks my heart. It's a hard thing to lose your home, even harder to lose loved ones.

Author — Debbie Hines


Just when we decide we are big, nature comes to remind us how small we truly are.
-- Franklin Roosevelt


Author — J Pennington


Sometimes you gotta appreciate the little you may have. Because alot of people would love to be in your shoes.

Author — Ernest Major


The equivalent of a F3 tornado sitting on top of you for 36 hours. Horrible.

Author — Q&N&I&J&J&B



Author — Mister Sturm


This makes me realize something.we are nothing in thiz world.its only when we see disaster like this we take on another view of life

Author — manwell ambrose


I have been to Marsh Harbor and Treasure Key multiple times. Been to Freeport SO many times. I was in a hurricane last time I was in Freeport and there was so much destruction, but nothing near like this. My heart hurts for the people of the Bahamas and for my friends there.

Author — Sportschick


God bless them all. Heartbreaking. I spend my happiest days in the Abacos, and I always said and believed "IT'S BETTER IN THE BAHAMS!" This just rips my heart to bits. Please help, donate, give what you can....

Author — Matt Bracken


The Bahamas a dream place to live but... this can happen and it breaks my heart to see people with nothing left.

Author — Not FaZe Jc


Wow. Most of the comments are disgusting and lack class consciousness.

Author — Lucien


To lose everything! Your home, your neighborhood, your loved ones! Everything that you knew, everything that you know of on a day to day basis -- your whole life turned into Rubble! I can't even imagine it. I can't even begin to know the sorrow.

Author — Fluorcyl


Guarantee all the wealthy dirtbags are already trying to figure out how to buy the land cheap etc
Makes me sick 🤭

Author — Lteo Hrnt


I've never seen such widespread devistation. It looks like a war zone. I've been praying for the people in the Bahamas. I pray the logistics are worked out and that the people are getting food, water, and medical care.

Author — Kathy Carver


Pictures speak louder than words. So terribly sad.
It will be imperative that recovery operations start very soon .... if not, situation will deteriorate even further.

Author — Christine Stange


The Anguish. Oh My God, the Anguish.

Author — Doris White


How terrible to lose family, friends and home. Lord! Turn the distressing cares of Thy servants into ease, .. "their hardship into comfort, their abasement into glory, their sorrow into blissful joy, O Thou that holdest in Thy grasp the reins of all mankind!" ` ~ Baha'i Prayer in Part

Author — Francis Mausley


I'm praying for the Bahamian people. May God bless them and give them strength to endure!

Author — J A


That’s an awful feeling and reality to loose your home and personal items too something we need to survive. Water and oxygen

Author — Johnny Exama


Used to be the USA stepped up to be the first to help, thus earning the world's admiration; nowadays, the president plays golf and stays in bed playing with his twitter.

Author — Steven William Bayless Parks


Well there goes the tourist industry .

Author — Trojan