Ranking To-Do List Apps for 2021

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There are hundreds of thousands of to-do list applications on the market. This is Francesco’s opinions on the major 2021 task managers and what their future holds. This is purely to share my thoughts and as a relaxed video.


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00:00 - Introduction
00:23 - Ranking Task Managers
08:45 - Final Notes
09:32 - Pipedrive Ad

There was an error in the video when mentioning TeuxDeux, we wrote “2Do”

📰 APPS mentioned

🤔 Zenkit To-Do*
🎯 TickTick
🙌🏼 Sorted 3
☀️ Clear
👋🏼 Things 3
🐑 Taskade
🧠 OmniFocus 3
📈 Columns
🤠 Microsoft To-Do
🙋🏽‍♀️ Any.DO*
✅ Todoist*
📘 Trello
🏫 ClickUp*
🎊 Google Tasks
Inside Google Mail
📁 TeuxDeux



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💬 Comments

Great to see Taskade on the list. Thanks again for putting this together!

Author — Taskade


Maybe a graphic at the end with the name of each app and their rank would be a super handy recap

Author — Jayden Andrews


Would love project management (ClickUp, asana, notion, Airtable)

Author — 📲 Jenna Redfield | Notion, ADHD & Marketing Tips


Microsoft To Do is fantastic. Best syncing and good integration with Outlook and Office 365. They are more innovative and less lazy with updates and features than Things.

Author — Michael Harvey


Microsoft To-Do deserves to be higher. I've tried many of them and it is now the one that I picked to use. I think that it hits the sweet spot between having the features that I really need while still staying simple and quick to use and not getting too overwhelming and cluttered. And it works great between my Windows PC and IOS devices.

Author — Danny


I loved this video. The tier maker was fantastic combined with the whirlwind overview. I don’t need a 30-60 min overview of each app!

Author — The British Indian


Great video, looking forward to seeing the note taking review!

Author — Mark Rance


Just wondering ...

In terms of seamless, convenient, and faithful adherence to GTD (Getting Things Done) principles, would you alter your tiers?

Author — Wesley Kring


Interesting approach to this video . . . sort of a compilation of current capabilities, recent innovation, and future possibilities - all wrapped up in the idea that "task management" per se may not be as important as broader capabilities. Of course, I'm a little miffed because my task manager of choice, Nirvana, wasn't even included despite your favorable reviews in the past. OK, I get it that there's not a lot of "innovation" going on with Nirvana, but from my perspective, that's because it's just so doggone good at what it already does. Are there things I wish it had? Well, the only one of any significance is reminders. But it's comparatively lightweight, fast and easy to use, yet fully capable at the dreaded Project - Task integration. I just think you might have missed it with not including Nirvana.

Author — John Ohman


Anyone knows an alternate for tiermaker that is more usefriendly and less crowded with ads?

Author — Oli


Hey man, I know this wasn’t in your apps list, but what are your thoughts over the app Streaks?

Author — Sean Sullivan


Things app deserves to be put at great!
They are kind of like apple they dont do super future stuff and push out features, but instead they perfect everything they make!
Its really a joy to use that app 😃

Author — Franklin Antony


won't agree with Microsoft ToDo, this app has lots of great features like "flagged emails" or "My Day", but also lacks core features like ability to connect calendar, etc. I would place it in "good" category and when updated (knowing microsoft few years from now on) i would put it tier higher.

Author — rkd-me


You included Sorted, Clear, and Columns, but not Amazing Marvin?? I feel like this is an odd mix of the big, well-known stuff, and random lesser knowns. Obviously it's a huge field of options, so you have to narrow it down. But I do feel like Amazing Marvin deserves to be ranked in a comparison like this.

Author — Oshyan Greene


On-point, short & sweet user review. Helpful! Thank You.

Author — Sankalpa Senevirathna


After seeing all these ugly ui, unfortunately there is really no real competitor for Todoist anytime soon. Todoist is definitely the most refined and reliable. Other apps either has overly simplistic beautiful but not useful designs or just overwhelming amount of features. Todoist is very gentle with rolling out new features, rarely breaking old ones which makes it quite trustworthy app

Author — Artur Kohut


Tried several of these. Liked ticktick and used it for a while just couldn't stick with it. Meh, I'll try the all in one apps like notion. Great video idea.

Author — M A


One thing to consider really hard on the meh category. I work in a company that work with the Microsoft 365 suite. So, even Todoist that have integration with outlook doesn’t work like the Microsoft to do. I think you should reconsider because of that. Microsoft to do works really fine in the case of you using outlook, teams and planner. Everything it’s integrated.

I’ve tried every other app in the list, but, only Microsoft to do have this integration.

Best regards

Author — Thomaz Da Dalt


Thanks for the helpful video!
Somehow I'm very bothered by the fact that red means good and green means not good... You kinda got me confused there 😅

Author — Chantal Schouwenaar


Radical video, man! Please Keep it up!

Author — Daniyal Shah