पत्रकार Mark Tully ने खोले कई रोचक राज़ | Political Kisse

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पत्रकार Mark Tully ने खोले कई रोचक राज़ | Political Kisse 4.5
In this video of Political Kisse, Saurabh Dwivedi talks about Mark Tully.

Mark Tully has authored a book named Upcountry Tales, where he shares stories and anecdotes about many political leaders.
About Indira gandhi, Morarji Desai and his story of drinking urine, Chowdhury Charan Singh and his controversial statements, Chowdhury Devi Lal and his conversation with Mark Tully, Pakistan's Dictator and the last anecdote of Rajiv Gandhi and his inner circle.

Produced By: The Lallantop
Executed By: Rajat Sain

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आपकी यूपी वाली हिंदी बड़ी प्यारी है।

Author — Ankit Dubey


Kiski pesaab Peete the ye to bta do gau Mata ki Peete the tab to thik h otherwise samjh sakte h AAP log

Author — Munendra Pal


Zia ul haq incident was hilarious.. still laughing on that

Author — neha jain


@The Lallantop, Do you think you guys can do a story on Late Mr. Tom Alter

Author — Vishant Kumar


please sir ek documentry ChauDhary charan singh ji k upar banaeye🙏

Author — Ankit ChauDhary


Can u explain facts about Indian foot ball team?
Some says India qualified FIFA football at the time of 2nd world war.
But bcz of bare foot Indian deny to play match.. .
What is reality behind that sir.?

Author — Jitendra Gehlot


I love you sourav ji, I watch your every vedio

Author — Ravishanker Kaushik


Choudhary charan Singh pr bhi ek video bnaiye plzz

Author — Kunwar Kakran


hadd hai bhai aap political kisse regular kyu nai karte

Author — Parv Sharma


हम अग्रेजी नही जानता हुॅ इसीलिए यह किताब की जानकारी बेहद रूचिकर लगी और ज्ञान भी बडा
बालाघाट मध्यप्रदेश से



The story of Mark Tully and Sadik was hilarious.

Author — ch012


Chaudhary Charan singh pr ek video bnao .

Author — All Desi Thrill


Lagta hai saurabh dwivedi history acchha seh padhha wala😂🤣

Author — Tumkenkamgo


Hahahhaha last wala acha tah 😂😂😂😂 thnss 4 Mark information

Author — Sondo Mele pubg lover


महोदय मध्य प्रदेश खरगोन me श्री शिवराज सिंह चौहान के वायरल वीडियो की विश्लेषण kijiye कृपया सामान्य श्रेणी के खिलाफ speech ka

Author — Nikhil Singh Baghel


Once Morar ji called me in his room in 1974 Kurukshetra University Guest House The person took me was Teg Singh as I pronounced Pranam Namaste. He said to me he has not touched any money in his life at the age he joined congress he was 13 years old and that is a trunk he pointed he was carrying in his room. I said if I have no money but I am not demanding where is Azad Hind fauz money ; WW 2 bounty taken by MK Gandhi.

Author — Ranbir Chauhan


Saurabh ji nice video I recently joined the lallantap app n liked mostly videos.
But some videos u r not sharing like viplove thakur speech on our president'address, what a speech she given
Please show about these MPs also

Author — Himanshu Srivastava


janab aap chaudhary charan singh jo pr bhi ak video banao

Author — mukhiya jurel


Sourabh sir aap history pe video bhejiye

Author — rk yadav


Sir Jharkhand ki Rajneeti k bare ma aap kuch btaye please

Author — Dhiraj Kumar