Sliced Head Manipulation - Photoshop CC Tutorial

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Sliced Head Manipulation - Photoshop CC Tutorial 5

CREATE THIS PHOTO MANIPULATION USING SHAPES & LAYERS! | In this Photoshop tutorial we’ll go over how to create this head sliced photo manipulation effect with relative ease.

In this Photoshop tutorial, we’ll use selection and shape tools to create the 3D illusion of a head sliced into a few pieces and we’ll paint in some shadows and make things look pretty cool using a couple tips and tricks in Photoshop CC.

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Nathaniel, you totally helped me fix an issue that I have been having for years on Instagram! You probably didn't mean to with this tutorial, but it helped me BIG time. I use an Android phone (Google Pixel 2 XL to be exact) and every time I try to add a gradient background to my photos, I get banding. It has happened on my current phone and on my old Samsung Galaxy s6. I have tried SO many different things: creating the gradient using the brush tool, using the gradient tool, adding noise, the "no more banding" PS action that I found online, adding blur, using the blur tool, using the smudge tool, different kinds of overlay layers (50% gray), blend modes, etc. I have literally tried a hundred different tips from friends and online. I figured it just came down to the Instagram compression algorithm - and that it prefers iPhone uploads over Android uploads. My friends that do the exact same things (using just adding noise) don't have this banding issue when uploading from their iPhones to Instagram.

Anyway, by adding the two 50% gray layers with different blending modes, and adding noise from the Camera Raw Filter, it totally fixes this issue for me! I can't thank you enough for doing this (even if you didn't mean to)! Thanks so much!!!

Author — Tom Windeknecht


Why your photos have like that perfect resolution, when i use photos they seem like potatoes ( Awesome video )

Author — Álvaro Morales


This was so cool. I did this for a job I was applying for and they loved it.

Author — Trujillo Design


"im gonna shift the eyes to the right"
>actually shifts to the left

oh ok....

Author — Starius2


Great tutorial! How do you remember those color codes?!? I love when you say, "Let's try something purple, like! Great job!

Author — Rob Sigler Photography


I highly recommend that you guys check out the website of the artist "Magdiel Lopez". His work is incredibly unique and mesmerizing. I've never seen anything like it. The reason I mention him here is because he too does sliced portraits.
Thank you Nathan for yet another detailed tutorial.

Author — ALSAHAFI13


wooow, monster of a project..! amazing! took me hours to follow along, uploading soon, and sure will tag u! thank you Nat!

Author — Viktor Szentesi


Awesome video! Roberto Blake tweeted this out.

Author — U Do It


Amazing as expected Nathan
I really appreciate everything you do
you really inspire me <3

thank you

Author — yazeed alshaibani


I just really want to thank you for this tutorial. I've spent 4 hours learning this project, rewinding and fast forwarding and its all worth it! (well, I also had to put the playback speed at .75 coz you were talking so fast but I get why you had to lol). Thank you for sharing this amazing tutorial!

Author — Hustleer


what a journey! thank you so much for sharing this tutorial! Does anyone know how to animated this next?

Author — Mindy Neuendorff


how do I send u my version of this? thanks I actually learn tons from u btw, and just watch to see cool pieces! keep dropping videos!!!

Author — Bezzle From The 6ix


Love it mate! Sliced myself. I'll put it on insta! Had to slow playback speed slightly lol :)

Author — Lee Billison


Thank you!! I was able create my own sliced head using your tutorial.

Author — Danielle S Ross


Thanks for tutorial, though I had some problems with them paths, so instead of using all of them at once I just worked with one at the time.

Author — buszwir


thank you for sharing your skills :)) but maybe try to talk a little bit slower.. :D

Author — PWudel


im watching this one year after upload to the day

Author — Jefferson Bradley


very nice thank you. but for myself, you talk and go way to fast. taking me a week or better to get 3/4 way through it.. would also like to instead of a color fill, use another photo(s)

Author — Tina Tippett


Mind Blown at the end .. amazing filter tricks

Author — Jayaprakash S


I love you❤ and thanks! Amazing work! :3

Author — btsmorgen