This 1977 Plane Crash Occurred Right on the Runway

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This 1977 Plane Crash Occurred Right on the Runway 4.5

On March 27, 1977, at Los Rodeos airport in Tenerife, Pan Am Flight 1736 was sitting on the taxiway waiting to take off. A thick fog obscured the approach of KLM 4805, as it bore directly towards them.

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I will never get on a plane if I see the smithsonian crew get on board

Author — RC Bros


The way that ATC guy twirls his pencil is exhilarating.

Author — BigA


Terrorism, bad weather, negligence, passenger delay.. everything odd was against that day

Author — Ashish Sharma


I remember this episode, I think nobody survived on the KLM airliner. The pilot of the KLM plane was actually a famous pilot for his small country. He was very irritated for how long he was waiting. I think the Pan Am’s majority of passengers survived as only the top of their aircraft was torn off.

If you’re watching this before flying for some god awful reason, don’t be afraid. You’ll be okay.

Author — Mike Halve


How to survive every disaster:
Be the camera crew

Author — RandomWatermelon1


The KLM is impatience the tower said “STAND BY” but they takeoff anyway.

Author — Jedidiah Dionisio


"That idiot's comin'!"
Heh, that's not what he *really* said...

Author — chakky


It’s ironic how the deadliest crash happened or started on the ground rather than in the air

Author — Kangas Khan


Can you imagine being a passenger on the Pan Am plane and seeing another plane speeding towards you? To know you're about to die and not being able to do anything about it is so tragic and heartbreaking. So much loss of life in an instant.. I wouldn't be surprised if that airport is haunted.

Author — kecola


And this is why all ATC and pilots now are trained to never use the word “takeoff” on the radio, unless it’s the phrase “clear for takeoff”. Now if they want to say “after takeoff” like the ATC did in this case, they must say “after departure” so the pilots wont misunderstand it as “clear for takeoff”

Author — Yassin .A


583 people dead because of miscommunication.

Author — Wrestling Bear #11


A note of trivia about this crash: the Pan Am 747 was the very first 747 to go into service in 1969.

Author — Robert Walker


The ATC guys ONLY speak clearly during Re-enactments.

Author — M Detlef


The worst aviation disaster in history all because of a... miscommunication.

Author — socksumi


The KLLM pilot was in a hurry. It cost him and 582 other people their lives.

Author — KrK007


The fact I learned this from TikTok and not school is sad

Author — Trewxy


KLM's policy caused this. the KLM captain wouldn't have been in a rush without it

Author — August Tha II


first officer's acting was so natural.

Author — Anant Garg


I love how the airplane's nose lifted up without any movement of elevator at 2:46

Author — M. Rafay


I've seen the documentary, it's fairly detailed. You do see things from the point of view of the KLM also. The first officer of the KLM acts appropriately. The Captain of the KLM not so much. Also the revolutionaries who set the whole mess in motion should have been shot.

Author — blindandwatching