Pack With Me // Ju-Ju-Be Super Be

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I feel like I haven’t seen you pack anything JuJube in a while 😅 but since this print actually (thanks to you sharing the first look video 🙈) I have been OBSESSED with SuperBe’s so really happy when I saw you + packing video + SuperBe! Thanks for sharing 💕

Freya is adorable 😍

Author — Lisette Yareli


I'm loving all the new lymia things you have created. They seem amazing & they are very well thought out. You can tell you did a lot of research & put a lot of time & energy into creating these products. I have not seen anything like what you created since becoming a mom 15 mo ago. Way to think outside of the box & create something completely practical, functional, & beautiful etc. Keep doing what your doing bc you've got something here 😁.
I was going bk & forth trying to decide if I wanted the trifecta more or the tablet portfolio lol. Tech I wanted both but it isn't feasible right now. Also don't have a tablet big enough to fit into it but I thought it would be perfect for a planner for now until I needed a tablet someday. After the pre-orders close & the launch is over will you down the road do more launches on these products? Same goes for the coin purses & gabi wallet. I hope so bc they are gorgeous & maybe I could get them by the end of the yr.
My mom & aunt gave me $ for my bday & I was specifically told to spend it on myself & not anything else. I ended up doing the responsible thing & got my son another car seat with it instead since hubs convinced me to get it now instead of waiting. But I was going to use it for the trifecta but I guess my wants will have to wait a lil bit longer. Loving the new super be too. I didn't even know they were coming out with a super be plus.

Author — lauren guthman


I am not a mom at all but I love Jujube!! I use super be as work bag and I use be set and be quick as clutch/purse. I have to carry a lot of loose paper for work so I was supposed to use a more structured tote, but I just love the size and the material of super be, so I am determined to make it work! I know jujube sells insert for super be, but it doesn't seem to fit my need, so I sewed a insert that not only makes super be stand up, it also has a side pocket for my water bottle that's too big for the front pockets. I feel lonely because all the super be packing videos I could find are for baby items, I seem to be the only non mom using super be. This video makes me so happy, I finally see super be being packed with work stuff!!!

Author — Yuju Ti


I love superbes so much! Its also the style I keep buying at releases. So many uses!

Author — Megs


...loved seeing you back at shooting packing videos! (Thank you for the shout-out love! 😘)

Author — Perpetual Mommy


Love this as a beach bag!! I have 2 from like 8yrs ago and am always considering buying another.

Author — Katherine Mariotti


"since I'm not a mom"
*CPS has entered the chat*
*CPS has left the chat*
😂😂🤣 I have those moments and my youngest is 6 months but when I don't have my kids I say I'm not a mom sometimes and my coworkers just look at me like 😶 and I have to continue "at this moment since I don't have kids" 🤣😂

Author — Bell


I am not a mom, but I live Jujube bags. And i am super stoked that you are also using the Superbe as your work bag, because I have been using it as a work bag for years!

Author — Ma' Hng Kenang


I love the look of the trifecta. When does shipping for those start?

Author — Mary Lipps


I’m so in love with boss up paired with they’re jealous. I’ve been looking at the super be so I’m glad you did this video 💚💕

Author — huskerbabe89


I love your videos so much. You are such an inspiration. Thank you for sharing

Author — Sarah James


My packing is always a mess hahah! I bought my mom a name necklace from last year. Amazing... She even cried when she saw the necklace.

Author — Mary Ball


“A girls just gotta skate” so cute but very true!

Author — Shiloh Fisher


Fun!! I’m 49 and still love my Heelies 😁😜

Author — Warthog Princess


I owned Heelies in my 20s. Got so much slagging from them 🤣

Author — Mama Banana


Love that iPad folio! Tempted to do a UK order x

Author — kyle riley


Loved this! I like superbes for the beach!

Author — Aeryka


Omg I need a video on ur skates. So fun!

Author — Allison Awunti


Omg thats a great idea to use the baby changing pad.

Author — DeeJay13Boo


Can you link which fidget cube you have here?

Author — Brenda T