Alan Butler: Before The Pyramids - Cracking Archaeology's Greatest Mystery FULL LECTURE

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i went on ebay and bought a second hand copy of "civilization one" by Alan Butler and another gent. what an amazing book. £3.70 inc postage. mind blown. if you put it together with maps of the ancient sea kings by charles hapgood - it becomes a slam dunk. we have obviously done this high civilisation thing before

Author — dastardlyman


GREAT TALK!!! I bow in the most revered way and in great humbleness, to the enlighted human being that posted this up. Thank you. It is time for THE free "Tesla" (he deserves the honour) sociaty to come about.

Author — Jose Passarinho


It's Ramadan here in Melbourne and after talking to my Lebanese friends I decided to find more out about the moon.I found Who Built the Moon and I think this guy wrote it.Great read.

Author — Joseph Romic


The transit of Venus box he constructed reminded me of Gobekli Tepi stones and how the T's are slanted. I wonder what that angle is.

Author — Drake Dorosh


You don't need to trespass to get into Thornborough Henge, except the Northern wooded area which is the best preserved henge in the UK

Author — PerseusTraxx


He seems to have a lot of relevant connections. one thing, however, is that since the Egyptians were so adept at archaeological predictions, they could run the celestial map forwards or backwards to pick any point in time. Because a structure is aligned to a certain point in the Platonic year, doesn't mean it was built at that time. It could be aligned to reflect a past or future time. Since they could determine celestial movements, it wouldn't matter what "age" the building was aligned to because they could convert its data to a standard present condition.

Author — patrick l


We are a pale ghost of the society and the civilization we as humans used to be. Beyond the pale. Beyond the fringe. All we have left are evil little piggies who think they have "blood lines". Red carpet feebles.

Author — James Crow


Some ancient North American earthworks are classical hendges.

Author — Jay Dee


the star mintaka is supposed to be the small of the three pyramids. the star allignment is upside down.

Author — Bodo Bollig


makes me wonder if CERN fits the megalithic Yard Theory

Author — Bremner's Ghost


Zaitlevsky [31, pp. 4-30] notes that Casey’s 1878 report [6] seems to be the …rst place where
the word ellipse appears. In his 1880 report, Casey [7] continues:
These grounds are being laid out in accordance with a general project for the im-
provement of the contiguous reservations south of Pennsylvania avenue, as designed by
A. T. Downing in 1851-’53. The main feature for this lot is an open elliptical …eld, cov-
ering some 17 acres in the center of the square, the borders of the square to be planted
thickly with trees and shrubbery. During the past year very satisfactory progress has
been made with this improvement, and the grading, soiling, and seeding of the central
ellipse has been completed, excepting a small area in its center, left by reason of an
incompleted sewer in charge of the District Commissioners. The large depression along
Seventeenth street was …lled to grade, mainly from the excavations of the cellar of the
north wing of the State, War, and Navy Departments building...

Author — Brian Timmins


Some numbers do reoccur with ridiculous regularity though I'm not always sure why. The width of chariot wheels is still the distance between the wheels on a standard gauge train. Pie keeps showing up in odd places because people measured things using revolutions of a wheel. The ft of the Ancients Romans is almost the same as the modern ft. which in theory had another source. Beats the crap out of me.

Some of this seems a little less crazy if you studied a bit about how the ancients came up with geometry and the calendar. They seem to have been messing around with a base 60 number system or some such if I recall correctly or at least the Mesopotamians were.

Author — Dwight E Howell


What was the "specific length" of the brace timber viewing window, or the length of the pendulum? All the calculations are based on information not specified.

Mathematics and astrology are the origins of religion and science alike.

Author — Jackson Oconnel


The Egyptians didn't build the pyramids they claimed them.

Author — Elle Sunshine


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1. The Pyramid of Cheops - The True Purpose and Destination
The time and the geographical landscape for the construction of the Pyramid of Cheops were selected by the extraterrestrials.
l. The Pyramid of Cheops was built before the Noah's cataclysm (biblical great flood) by the extraterrestrials who, in the geometric form of the pyramid, they were notifying the extraterrestrial civilizations a deadly risk awaiting them when they descend on Earth because Earth will recognize them as non-own children and she will destroy them.
Patriarch Enoch (ancestor of Noah), who lived through the flood of Noah and his events, reports that the extraterrestrials discovered a technology that made them go unnoticed by Mother Earth because they had their bodies covered by flames that did not cause harm and came out of their mouths and from their eyes and this proves that they were wearing a special space suit. And when they were living indoors, the house was made of crystal, from which flames jumped from all sides.
The Earth's waters consist of five pyramid-based square-shaped molecules. We find this in the geometric shape of the pyramid. It is square and represents the four molecules of water, and the fifth pyramid molecule is the top of the pyramid, so our planet's water consists of five pyramid-shaped square-shaped molecules.
In the stellar space, a different astral landscape sees and bombs every solar system, and it also identifies a different molecular arrangement that space travelers need to know to avoid their destruction, which is why the extraterrestrial civilizations probably build on every planet containing water a stone geometric structure that brings to the knowledge of the extraterrestrials the arrangement and composition of the waters of the planet.
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Author — Evangelos VOLOTAS


The Pyramids are a minimum of 12, 800 years old.

Author — nicholascremato


Pyramids been here for like 10 trillions years. It doesn't matter. "Don't ask." - T2. Let a mortal man think mortal thoughts. Aristotle.

Author — Main Street Workshops


There used to be 366 days, but I hear that when a meteorite impact hit the spin of the world... it caused the earth's spin to slow to 365 days.

Author — Pamela Homeyer


My take is that Giza may line up with the stars...on the previous cycle...

Author — steve nunua


divide a circle into 366 degrees? how? you would need to figure out a way to divide an arc into 61 equal parts. using basic tools?

sorry, but that is impossible.

Author — Sibling Anon