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The True Dawn - The Evolution of Humanity | Science Documentary 5

This science documentary the true dawn of humanity describes the 2013 discovery, and later excavation, of the fossil remains of Homo naledi, an extinct species of hominin assigned to the genus Homo, found within the Dinaledi Chamber of the Rising Star Cave system, located in the Cradle of Humankind, South Africa. Additionally, the National Geographic Society has multiple videos on its website covering different phases of the discovery and excavation of the fossils during a two-year period. the true dawn of humanity documentary and dawn of humanity documentary, As of September 2015, fossils of at least fifteen individuals, amounting to 1550 specimens, have been excavated from the cave.

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This subjects is so wonderful to me, I love it. We should be so much humble.

Author — vita cito transit.


It;s fascinating how limited or devoid the fossil evidence is for at least any hominids that
have any direct lineage to modern day humans. Although I suppose thats why believers of the Ideology accept so much of the speculative and deceptive claims since the fossil record
fails to support them, nor much of the testable science of biology.
The Taung Child (or small monkey skull) had 100's if not 1000's of papers written on it by these
experts and was touted with these many fantastical theses about all the other animal bones
that were found with this monkey sized primate which was claimed to have subdued and with
his simple tools (no forks or knifes) had filleted his many conquests. Thus we have the endless
stories and artist depictions showing Taung Boy with his basic hunting tools and descriptives
describing his hunting expeditions. The experts deduce this from the the cut marks on the
bones which they adamantly claimed was "Proof" if his already advanced intelligence.
But all went south when I believe a zoologist claimed the "Experts" got it wrong and in fact
Taung Child Himself happened to be just another eagle meal and Taung Child was nothing
more then leftovers.
Or we have Lucy, the most studied "perfect" fossil specimen in history that the experts somehow
couldn't tell the difference between a baboon bone and a vertebrate of Lucy after 50 years of study.
One consistent finding of evolution after 170 years is it's endless failure to support it's main tenets.

Author — Geo Bla