Car Shopping: Cadillac Escalade vs. Yukon Denali (What to buy?)

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  • ℹ️ Published 1 years ago

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💬 Comments

Yukon has my vote . It’s a Little more “rugged” lol ...Escalades are awesome but Yukon having 4wd (and I’m assuming tow capabilities) puts it on top imo !

Author — Aye Bing


Y’all have a damn good channel! I would buy the GMC Yukon premier package.

Author — Lyle Hollins


I really liked the Denali...The only thing with the Cadillac even though the dash looks cool the controls are horrible and you have to constantly keep pressing the buttons for controls. Thats the only part I hated with the Cadillac but both look beautiful...

Author — Big T Enterprises


The GMC Yukon Denali and the Cadillac Escalade are the same vehicle. They both share the same platform, both have the retracting screen — the Escalade is a swipe at the bottom of the climate controls settings — and both have the same 6.2L. All and all, you can compare a Yukon Denali and Escalade … most people do.

Author — Symbolic AcclaimedTM


I’m surprise the Escalade is 2wd, I prefer the Denali over the Caddy my self.

Author — Kevin Washington


Definitely the Yukon. I hope you select the one you like. Good luck and have fun.

Author — Christopher Williams


I hella disagree, I think it was the best looking car review I've ever seen 😂

Author — Kodiak Wild


Yukon for sure. It’s basically the same suv but the Caddie is more for the name.

Author — Chris Walsh


Aloha Kristen and chris...Can't go wrong with either....but i'm gonna go against the majority....go for the Escalade. So much more elegant than the Yukon. The ride is more plush and resale value is higher.

Author — 808 G8GT


Yeha the Yukon I would totally get! Like the buttons and more utilitarian interior.

Author — 42luke


We love our 2016 Yukon XL! The hidden compartment is the glock box!

Author — Mike Rieger


Denali is my Dream Car!! Good choice against the Escalade!

Author — Caleb Freeman


The Yukon 👍 it more heavy duty and it’s 4 wheel drive the Escalade is more luxury. The Yukon all the way.

Author — Burnell Lundgren


Yukon! great choice 👍 I have a 03 yukon xl with 193, 000 miles still going strong👌 looking to get a new one this year .Aloha from Hawaii 🤙😎🏝

Author — Joseph Puou


I have owned multiple GM vehicles over the years. Never saw the need for Onstar. Like the XM radio for trips.

Author — Tom Richards


Yes 4 wheel drive is awesome so Yukon Denali over the Cadillac Escalade . Yukon Denali excellent choice !👍👍

Author — Andy Kassie


I like GMC Yukon better because it has way more room then the Escalade

Author — Braylon Christopher


Both cars are super cool, I prefer the Escalade

Author — Andre Wilson


Id go with the Cadoo...:), , , But good choice with the Denali 4x 4 is important, I agree. And yes your daughter needs to have the TV player..:) Drive safely and best of luck..

Author — james carbonaro


I love onstar. If your husband likes to change the oil and other little service jobs himself then he will like that when you hit the reset button after changing the oil onstar keeps track of the service records online.they also send a monthly chekup via email so you can see where you vechicle is as far as suggested preventive maintenance. So less of a paper trail. Also depending on the package u get you can get free towing whenever you need it. Also if you get a check engine light then can call them and they can tell you exactly what's wrong with the vehicle. I have a buick but if you download the mygmc app there quite a few things you can do. Like use you phone to unlock doors or call onstar if you locked your keys in the vechicle. And send directions to the car from the app... I know I'm late responding but hopefully this helps.

Author — Wallace Edwards