What if He Falls? The Terrifying Reality Behind Filming “Free Solo” | Op-Docs

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What if He Falls? The Terrifying Reality Behind Filming “Free Solo” | Op-Docs 5
In 2017, when Alex Honnold made his stunning free-solo ascent of Yosemite’s El Capitan, he was taking an unimaginable risk: nearly three thousand feet of climbing without any ropes or safety equipment. But was the climb made even riskier by the filmmakers who accompanied him?

In “What if He Falls?” filmmakers Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi and Jimmy Chin take us inside the process of documenting Honnold’s quest for climbing glory — and the ethical calculus of filming a friend who could, with the slip of a finger, plummet to his death.

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Plot twist. That's not a rock. He's actually climbing his own nut sack.

Автор — David Maddux


My favorite quote from the film: imagine you’re an athlete going to the olympics. If you don’t get gold, you die. That’s the intensity of what Alex did here.

Автор — Megan McGrath


June 3rd 2017 was the day I got clean. It's also my birthday. It's really surreal knowing that on that day we both undertook our most terrifying and difficult journey of our lives. So Thankful we both made it to the top. Cheers Alex

Автор — Anchor Bait


The fact that his friends had to go far away from him, because they knew he could die is just the most terrfying part of the video.

Автор — mood


And I can’t even climb a staircase without tripping

Автор — DashFlash- The Life


I saw the film in imax and I met the directors.

Автор — Coziest Bulb


"A little stressful"?!

I'm stressed just from watching

Автор — skinny D lol


When I want an adrenaline rush, I stand on a swivel chair and change a lightbulb.

Автор — Cranjis McBasketball


I'm surprised he managed that climb with those massive balls of his weighing him down

Автор — James Mowery


If he "free solo's" repeatedly throughout his life, he will eventually slip

Автор — Vult


He probably could have done it in a faster time if his balls weren't weighing him down.

Автор — paintballgod33


And Im sitting here on my couch, eating cheetos.

Автор — 1k subs with no vids?


This scared god out of me

EDIT: My palms are literally pouring

Автор — Kasfoh


Tragic to say, but it's only a matter of time till he crashes and buns. It happened to Bachar and most of the other great free soloists.

Автор — Grizzly Echols


But why would u have the desire to climb a giant mountain and maybe almost die

Автор — maria m


Darwin Award goes to.... This is literally Russian roulette... He’s just gambling with his life... He’s basically just waiting to make a mistake and fall because if he keeps doing free climbs he will eventually fall and make a mistake...

Автор — Nick Cruton


What if he falls ?

He dies
*LOGIC* *LV* *100*

Автор — Free Wheels


Just turn on low-gravity and anyone can easily climb that mountain.

Автор — CreativeNick


I didn’t know Jim Halpert was a climber

Автор — Corbin Holder


You have to be mentally insane to do this. Seriously Insane!

Автор — jj ball