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What if He Falls? The Terrifying Reality Behind Filming “Free Solo” | Op-Docs 5
In 2017, when Alex Honnold made his stunning free-solo ascent of Yosemite’s El Capitan, he was taking an unimaginable risk: nearly three thousand feet of climbing without any ropes or safety equipment. But was the climb made even riskier by the filmmakers who accompanied him?

In “What if He Falls?” filmmakers Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi and Jimmy Chin take us inside the process of documenting Honnold’s quest for climbing glory — and the ethical calculus of filming a friend who could, with the slip of a finger, plummet to his death.

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Thank God he didn't fall. His balls would have fractured the earth's crust on impact.

Author — Eric Ngo


Just put a water bucket in your inventory. All risk is gone.

Author — Travis Bickle


film crew: what if you die?
alex: yeah lol.

Author — violet rose


Eminem: His palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are hea..

Alex Honnold: dude.. shut up.

Author — feiner schmecker


But can he free solo the playground slide?

Author — Charley Hibschweiler


“Can you re-do it, I forgot to hit record”

Author — Ben 321


This is the kind of guy who deserves an outdoor clothing line that I would wear with pride.

Author — Charles Bukenya


"Alex's problem was not that he could die, it was that *he did not want to die infront if his friends* "
I don't know why but that hit me hard

Author — Ken Z


This is one of the greatest athletic accomplishments of all time

Author — B Mac


Now do it again but this time sitting in a cauldron and using only a sledgehammer

Author — cool beans


Rumor has it.. Alex is upping the ante by free soloing his own right testicle

Author — William Hill


*Halfway up the mountain*
"....I have to pee."

Author — SpencerFcp


If I would climb that wall I would probably survive, too.
I would fall within the first meters.

Author — Ben Äpfel


GF: Wanna come over?
Alex: But El Capitan is in the way and i have nothing on me
GF: Im home alone

Author — Hiena


can u believe the man freesoloing a mountain asked the camera man with ab 10 different ropes if _he_ was okay? what an absolute legend

Author — lara remo


Watching the film 'Free Solo, ' we (the wife and I) thought Honnold to be insane. After visiting Yosemite this year and seeing the wall in person, we know he is. Not only did he climb it, but he was hauling the heaviest set of 'nads' known to man.

Author — Bill Jordan


This film was tense enough to watch post accomplishment. Just imagine watching every moment live as your buddy clings to a vertical rock 3000+ ft off the ground

Author — lee imrie


Let me sum it up for ya.

"If he dies, he dies" : Camera man.

Author — Dranksta


Bro what if you cramp? Like seriously wtf how

Author — Car Ram-Rod


How can he climb with these 1000 kilos balls

Author — abel cordelier