Sambit Patra at his best!!! - पात्रा के अनमोल रतन | The DeshBhakt with Akash Banerjee

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Sambit Patra at his best!!! - पात्रा के अनमोल रतन | The DeshBhakt with Akash Banerjee 4.5

Sambit Patra has been admitted to a private hospital with symptoms of the CV - we wished that he would have gone to AIIMS but anyways we really wish him well and a quick recovery.

Sambit has given The DeshBhakt one of its most popular episodes and we didn't have to do much either (once Sambit is back in action we will update this) - Presenting to you - 44 of Sambit Patra's best quotes on TV!!!

Often he is blamed for single handedly lowering the level and logic of TV debates - but we want to thank #SambitPatra for the entertainment, the drama and volume levels - that kept kids away from stuff like BiggBoss & Naagin.

As he turns 44 - to mark his momentous occasion .... #TheDeshBhakt wants 44 gems from Patra's unlimited repository to show you his talent / range and sheer brilliance. Have a good laugh and send a tweet thanking Patra for keeping our democracy in a humorous condition!

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*condom* *fatne* *se* *sambit* *patra* *jaise* *log* *paida* *ho* *jate* *Hain*

Author — khan saab


ये हिन्दू नही हिन्दू के नाम पे भड़वा है जो हिन्दुओ के दिल से खेलता है।

Author — sonu YADAV


संबित पात्रा को उल्टा करके उसके अंदर दो वाला कोकोकोला Use pesh karo 😂😂😂😂

Author — Mohammad Afzal


इसके जैसा lichad आदमी. मैंने जिंदगी में कभी नहीं देखा .
गोबर 💩patra. Suvar की औलाद ।

Author — Vishwas Chavan


आज इसका जन्मदिन है।
भक्त इसे गोबर गिफ्ट करे
क्यों कि एक गोबर की कीमत सौ कोहिनूर हीरे जितनी होती है।

Author — Gaurav Basraiyya


साबित पात्रा तो बीजेपी का कुत्ता है खा म खा भोंकता रहता है लोगों की शान्ति भंग करता है

Author — Arjun Singh


Let's collect kohinoor from across India and drop it in front of sambits house.

Author — Mohd Abdullah


गाय का गोबर यदि कोहिनूर है तो संबित पात्रा शरीर में लगाकर चलो



Sambit patra is the reason why kapil sharma show failed 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Author — nikhil bhardwaj


Kanhaiyaa, had the best response to him. He is the only person who had shut him up.

Author — Saad Mahmooud


Sambit patra : "cow dung is expensive than Kohinoor"

Le England queen : dump this diamond in garbage and bring me 1kg cow dung

Author — technical master Arbab Ali Bahadur


Isko jutte maaro. .

Hindu Muslim krne walaa yahi h Saala desh m.

Author — Deepak Bhandari


Sambit patra is terrible person he is debating between to relegious which is not good for out nation

Author — Vedraj khot


बीजेपी के जोकर गॅंग के सरगना है पात्रा 😂😂😂👍

Author — guru bhai


Kis Duniya me Ese Doctors hote Hai, Drop nuke on that planet.

Author — Divy Raval


He is a surgeon by profession. I highly doubt that. Omg! What a disgrace to one's self. No self respect. No soul, have you?

Author — Tarun Parmar


Kon paida kiya tha be is bawasir(patra) ko 😂😂

Author — Manoj Hembrom


Sambit patra is one of the best knowledgeable, positive spokes person.
Happy birth day and many happy returns of the day.

Author — ASN Swamy


अरे हिन्दुओ शर्म करो एक ही बन्दा हैं संबित पात्रा जो नेशनल टीवी में आकर हिन्दुओ की फेरिस्ट करता हैं और तुम हिदू हो कर तुम उसका मजाक बना रहे हो, हमे गर्व हैं संबित के ऊपर ऊपर,
हम भक्त नही है ना ही कांग्रेस के और ना बीजेपी एक सैनिक हु जय हिंद🇮🇳💓

Author — shailendra thakur


Let The Dog bark sambit is always good good best and best pseudo liberal have no option that's why they were creating and opinion on YouTube. in our Odisha there was a word (jata matibu mata kintu sea darapada katha.) Thug life sambit😇😇👍🙏

Author — Ambrit roul