How To Use Twitter

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0:00 Intro
0:11 Signing up
0:30 Writing a Tweet
1:38 Following accounts
2:27 Editing your Twitter profile
3:16 Changing your Twitter handle
3:50 Replying to a Tweet
4:20 Retweeting
4:48 Liking a Tweet
5:00 Sending a direct message
5:46 Deleting a Tweet
5:56 The Explore tab
6:26 using lists and bookmarks
7:23 Blocking, muting, and unfollowing

This tutorial will get you started on how to use Twitter. Learn how to Tweet, retweet, follow accounts, send direct messages, and more.

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How To Use Twitter

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Step 1: Dont use brain
Step 2: dont use common sense
Step 3: be toxic for the stupidest reasons or worst, for no reasons
Step 4 and 5: *repeat Step 1 2 3*

Author — Tsar Bomba with Internet Connection


Ya'll shitting on this video but I actually appreciate the tutorial. Never used twitter and I just wanna know everything right away.

Author — Houst On


Alternate title: How to get your daily dose of toxicity

Author — Sau Gurav


no wait this tutorial is something i actually needed Twitter is fr confusing af

Author — Mohammed Ashfaq


Ahh yes. My favorite place for people complaining over nothing

Author — SuperPlayz


Next video: how to click on "start" in windows 10.

Author — electrikoptik


At this point I forgot why I was even subscribed to this channel

Author — Deminus


Alternate title:
How to lose brain cells every second you open twitter.

Author — guy with Big White Cock


Step 1: Install the app
Step 2: Uninstall the app
Step 3: Live your life without twitter

Author — Gavin The Crafter


How to use Twitter: Step one 1. Don’t.

Author — Adrian Morrison


Me: how do I post something on Twitter without getting cancelled?

Twitter itself: well that's the neat part, you don't

Author — Prantis The Mantis


Protip: if your going to use twitter, then just know that it’s a big lesson in not taking things personal.

Author — Spice


Even tho nobody asked to make this video... somebody is very grateful to insider for giving this type of information. Thanks!

Author — tehtarik


How to use twitter:
Step 1-make an opinion
Step 2-watch people rage about it
Step 3-give up on humanity

Nice video tho :)

Author — Gabatron


I'm waiting for the one : How to take a s**t.
That could be a life saver

Author — Marco Catania


Life is good when you have money... I invest heavily in Bitcoin/forex trading and i also know how to spend my funds because I only got one life. Enjoyment is Prerequisite in life.

Author — William Adams


The best way to interact with twitter is by avoiding it (and the irrational nonsense it produces) as much as possible.

Author — SomeKidFromBritain


Step#1: Log or sign up to Twitter
Step#2: Make a opinions about something
Step#3: Got canceled by many person and even your Twitter friends
Step#4: ...Uhhh maybe imma go back to Facebook lol :D

Author — Nguyễn Trần Vũ


Thank you easy to understand and straight to the point.

Author — Greenhandspain


Remember during the TV/Cable era there was always this tiny group of people calling in to complain and be outraged about any little thing? Those people are essentially what Twitter has become a collection of.

Author — toasteh