The Best of Hasan Minhaj - Muslim Ban, Women’s Soccer & Canada | The Daily Show

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The Best of Hasan Minhaj - Muslim Ban, Women’s Soccer & Canada | The Daily Show 5

The Daily Show looks back at Hasan Minhaj’s sharpest moments covering President Trump’s Muslim ban, the fight for equal pay in women’s soccer and Canada’s response to Syrian refugees.

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💬 Comments on the video

"We don't blame all Americans for Donald Trump."

Well THAT'S a read. Damn

Author — Jay McKenzie


Growing up in a Muslim household I wasnt allowed to kill a spider . And now they call us terrorists

Author — Hermione Granger


It's weird seeing Hasan Minhaj without a beard.

Author — kamisan


I can see how hard Justin Trudeau try to hold his laughter during this interview. 🤣

Author — AzharHassan


This Minhaj guy is good, he should get his own show

Author — Aneesh Prasobhan


Hasan: "They're ranked 30th in the world."
U.S. Women's Team: "We're ranked #1."

Author — chelsea _sarfo


More people died from america opening up from quarantine than terrorists in the entire american history, fun fact.

Author — Youtube Channel


Canada is like the most welcoming country i've ever seen. Unlike y'know

Author — I Saw That


Man Hasan got really emotional at the end but he tried to hide it with a joke
Respect brother

Author — ZombieBuster Gaming


Woman: "We don't blame all Americans for Donald Trump."
me: oh. that was lethal.
Hasan: "You should*"
me: *remembers that Donald Trump was voted by the Americans and the same people suffering the consequences now* oh that makes more sense

Author — Liz Adrienne Garcia


yes, it's saddening that when white people labeled as someone with mental illness if they kill other people, but it's terrorism if brown does it. terrorism isn't just bombing, any action threatening others' lives is terrorism.

Author — himura haibara


Major respect for him trying to cover up that last bit with a joke

Author — Ammara Khan


The US is the only country in the entire world that has more guns than people.

Think about that.

For every 100 people in America, there are 122 guns.

No other nation has 100.
Or 90.
Or 80.
Or 70.
Or 60.

There is only one other nation has more than 40 guns per 100 people:


Author — Kat


Steve Jobs was biologically half Syrian. Can you believe it?

Author — Saeed Alshehri


Hasan's mom story really breaks my heart.

Author — snowflake


With the soccer team, if women are bringing in more than men, they should be paid accordingly. The us men's soccer team is a joke compared to what they've been doing. That being said, sports are literally an ancient mating ritual that creates competition so men would get physically stronger back when that mattered in survival.

Author — Sean F


“And we don’t say aboot”
“Okay I’m soury”
“That we say”

Author — flintlights


I can't blv US women players make less when they WIN than men players when they LOSE?? I thought only our country was jealous of women winning, dhurrrr!

Author — Hosne Modeena


ISIS: get out
Canada : Come in
America :ISIS LOL
Syrians :We don't support ISIS 😭😭😭

Author — Mr. Space


Trevor Noah being roasted by Hassan minaj

Hassan minaj being roasted by Canadians

Hassan minaj roastin Justin traduea but backfired

Author — irfan ulla