Busse Hell Razor 2

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edges kind of suck out of box, most do better after reprofiling to around 20 dps

another thing to keep in mind is their second hand value, a lot of models will retain 80%+ of their value even beat to hell

Author — wil cervantes


Western Fuller and almost Nepalese Chirra... Interesting mix of techniques!

Author — Blakdog333


Man you must have a good job to be able to afford such beautiful and expensive knives. Thanks for the great videos.

Author — nerv 102


Hey you have some good knives there. I'm subbing to your channel

Author — Bush Camping Tools


The “blood groove” is called a fuller 👍

Great video!

Author — Whispy Woods


Thanx for the review and opinions was wondering how Busse $tacked up against Survive! glad I preoredered a few from Guy this year.

Author — dirtyDiRZy


Too much expensive, i think they must be a good knives, but not sure as good, good revition

Author — TSN channel


why would you get other pieces of crap brands that you recommended when you could get that brand witt Infi steel is far superior then the others.

Author — Manuel Silva