MiG-35 - the new generation of a legend

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MiG-35 - the new generation of a legend 5

MiG-35 (NATO classification: Fulcrum-F) - Russian multi-role fighter, developed in the early 2000s. A thorough improvement of the basic MiG-29. The 4,5 generation light fighter of the Russian Aerospace Forces (before the appearance of the fifth generation light fighter). Description of the jet, features and prospects.

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The only thing wrong with the MIG-35 is that Sukhoi exists.

Author — John Parrish


I was in USAF on F15e’s ‘90-‘96. I of course am partial to USA aircraft designs, but you have to admit, for aviation enthusiasts it would be a boring world without Russian airplanes...

Author — Frank Lee Speaking


I appreciate that Russian designed aircraft have the consideration of unprepared runways built in

Author — R


8:20 that model plane looks a a spiritual successor to the MiG 29 Fulcrum.

Author — ignantassninja aka urrealdad


MiG-29/35, the fighter jet equivalent of the girl you had a crush in middle school who grew up to become a fashion model. Cute, sexy & wholesome.

Author — Thant Zwe Aung


We seem to underestimate Russian jets, especially their ability to use unprepared shit runways

Author — Andrew Scott


Typically excellent video with Sky’s outstanding and articulate narrative skills! 💛😎

Author — Glen M. Danielsen


Beautiful airplane, impressive performance.

Author — Dave Witter


I think, the MiG-29 and MiG-35 is similar as the Hornet and Super Hornet

Author — Flyer Killer


As just for the look 'MiG nd Sukoi' are the most "beautiful nd sexy" looking fighters jet in the whole world.

Author — Kelvin Anarchy99


MiG 35 and Sukhoi 35 is competitor in Military Sales. But i love all Russian Fighter Jet, it's beautiful design.
From Indonesia 🇮🇩

Author — August H!!


The 29 was always my favourite Russian fighter, and the 35 carries on that elegant futuristic look

Author — ProjectFlashlight612


Love the look of Russian aircraft much love from US of A

Author — Operator A.C.E


Mig 29/35 are such beautiful airplanes, gorgeous lines and grace.

Author — HisXlency


The Mig-29 and 35 respectively are one of the few fighter jets which look even better in their two-seater variants.
One other that comes to mind would be the Northrop F-5 E Tiger.

Author — palomino73


thanks sky, this aircraft i was really waiting for, but i have to admit i am more retro, i love the MiG-29M more than the MiG-35

Author — eriksumiya


It is probably the replacement airplane of the aging M-29 of the Serbian Air Force.

Author — Kristian Herdi


Great TECHNOLOGY FROM the Mother Land RUSSIA.... more Blessings Amen

Author — Henry George


0:04 that looks more like a formula e racecar

Author — MagnaCarge


Wow, awesome job. Great presentation.

Author — Gage