★ ArcheAge ★ - Part 3: Augmented Dream Ring

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Thank you & kudos to everyone in Something Legit, PRX and Circle of Kakis for working together and getting these quests done!
Oby, Bewg, Derys, Reikon, Hyrin, Falko, Kaile, Quefaire, Momochan, Eagle, Keesxia, Valdamus, Malignant, Bezo, Sreon, Trusst, Shiroi, Labrador, Hype
Vent, Etherian, Vessra, Takado, Lumpygrumpy, Faded, Xhin, Ameris, Yggdra, Spodos, Shleeps, Swolja, Cybsled, Akidadus, Pandamonium, Boomkat, Cwang, Proto, Witch, Ghost, Ao, Evilaxel, Inztigate, Ministry, Warzdak, Jouka, Drake, Lightfoot, Xero, Spig, Sauroth, Zar, Relient, Cten, Toru, Caramel, Wyborowa
Minaki, Gwiyeouna, Cryskal, Mrhou, Monyip, Pantonne, Senzo, Slap, Hyojung, Olio
Malice, Ahha, Preacher, Megatoes, Gilima
(Hope I didn't miss anyone! :D)

The Dream Ring questline sets you on an adventure that allows you to upgrade it to a celestial grade that gives Stamina +40 and skill damage +3%. Details in the links below.

0:09 10. Fact and Fiction
After getting the heroic ranked ring, head to Ynys Isle of Solzreed Peninsula, Nuia. Approach from the west side of the island. Follow the path from the beach up to the middle of the island. It will lead you to a shrine of Nui.
Talk to Traveler Luke. He will send you to find Book Collector Nachen in Veroe, Hasla who is on the top floor of the temple.

2:31 11. Nachen’s Vengeance
Go to Growlgate Island and kill Morpheus the Forsaken.
When he’s dead return to Nachen in Veroe, Hasla. He will give you the Aranzebia and the Dead Princess manuscript. Go to a Printing Press and craft the book. You will need 25 labor points, 10 paper, 1 Memory Ink and 5 Leather to craft it.
Put the book down in your house then interact with it. This will open up the next quest.

4:26 12. The Hidden Key
First, complete the 5 man dungeon, Hadir Farm in west Ynystere. After killing Marmas the Reaper, go in to the barn in the northeast area and kill Dahuta High Priest Annmit. You will get the first key fragment.
The 2nd key fragment will require a raid group. Kill Dahuta's Champion Nazar in the underwater city, south of Freedich Island. Once both halves are obtained, right click on one of the fragments to combine the key parts.

6:44 13. Delphinad's Treasure
Now sail out west of Freedich Island to a small island in the Sunspeck sea to kill the Abyssal Ravager.

On the east side of the island, there is a small opening not far under the surface of the water. Inside you will find a small cave and in the corner, you will find an object called Dahuta's Sealstone. Using the key on the sealstone will summon a boss mob that will drop an item that you can turn in to Kamlen on Growlgate.

9:28 14. Restoring the Ring
The quest to create your unique level ring is a large gold sink, you need to obtain a Conqueror’s Gale Ring and combine it with the crystal from the previous quest. Then obtain the following:
- 125 Topaz,
- 40 Amethyst,
- 125 Emerald, and
- 15 Abyssal Soot (dropped by Carmila, Lerman and Aunorin Fangbow in Serpentis.)
Once all of these have been gathered take it to Kamlen for your unique ring; Augmented Dream Ring.

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