OBS Engine II RTA Review and Rundown | Nano Engine vs Engine II

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  • ℹ️ Published 5 years ago

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I bought this based on your review, and you are spot on as always. Good flavor, never leaks, and not too hard to build. Plus, the hanging coils make wicking so easy, no dry hits. Thanks for all that you do, Jai. I will soon become a Patreon patron...you save me money constantly by guiding my buying decisions. That is so important in vaping with the glut of products coming out, you give us rapid fire honest reviews and it really helps. I am a father of 5 and my vape budget is often slim.

Author — Johnny Fayard


I think they did that deck to make it real easy to clip your leads. I don't think they did it just to be different. With a postless you have to pre clip your leads and with a velocity its always tuff to get at the leads. So i actually like what they did with this deck

Author — Ricky Mahoney


I've got them all, the Engine mini, the Nano, the original and the Engine 2
I agree with the engine 2 having more flavor then the original, but the engine mini tops it for me.
For me the order of flavor with all these are:
1. OBS Engine Mini
2. OBS Engine Nano
3. OBS Engine II
4. OBS Engine

And as always Jai, Great review and Awesome you've "Kept it real" despite your relationship with OBS.

Author — Roel DNA-C fanboy


Great review Jai and your right most times dual coils do give you more flavor, but with that being said. Your going through more juice and battery life. Honestly I never did a single coil RDA until the Recurve came out. Yes the Recurve is a 24mm, but in reality it's really a 22mm.

Author — Chucca Cloud


This kind of has one of my ideas I had for a rta. I had the idea of dangly coils. The rest of my ideas are still all original and "innovative" but I'm not chasing to get it made or anything so it doesn't even matter lol. Great vid jai! Thank you for what you do!

Author — Tyler Staples


I love the engine 2. Rocking flavor. Easy to build and wick. Better then the original? In my opinion. Yes. It's a flavor tank. Obs do great things. This and the geekvape zeus are my daily used rta's. I don't use drippers. I got one. But with the easy rta's I don't want to use it. Great review jai!

Author — Slim_Shady_BE


I'm no rookie but I'm glad you showed me how to build this thing, I took it out of the package and just stared at the deck for 20 minutes in dismay.

Author — Sean The Baptist


I've been waiting for this for soooo long. The Engine Nano became a unicorn about five months ago, but I managed to snap up a black one along with my stainless one I've had for awhile. I have the GT3, GT4, and Kayfun 5 squared, but my Nanos are daily drivers. Phenomenal, phenomenal tank. Thank you for bringing them to my attention, I owe you one big time for that. I'll be picking up the Engine 2 and anxiously awaiting the Engine 2 Nano (which I imagine they will probably release at some point). Thanks for the review, Jai.

Author — Justice Maddocks-Wilbur


Awesome and honest review as always Jay.

I like the fact that you showed on camera that even if it's an unorthodox build deck, it's not that hard to build on it. Of course it's not as no brain as the velocity style but I was tired to hear things like: I'll stick to the original engine because the velocity is simple.

Yeah velocity is simple, but this is innovation and I think flavor is better that way, but of course the nano is still one of the best RTA, I was not expecting the Engine V2 to beat the Nano, I did the same I've put the same build and juice I use everyday to compare and the nano is still better.

Maybe the Engine Nano V2 will beat the original nano :)

Thanks again bro

Author — Matthew Bonnel


I have a nano, theyre still pretty easy to get in Australia, unfortunately cracked the last spare glass so I replaced it with a geekvape Zeus, also top airflow. They vape practically the same, if anything, the Zeus has a smoother airflow

Author — GhettoDynamiczInc


The wet dog alone sold me.really rare.just picked up the Nano yesterday and love it.the machining is great, so clean.will be grabbing this one too.Thanks Jai.

Author — Frankee Hack


Hey jai thanks for another great video, I look forward everyday to see what your going to review. I did want to say, myvaporstore.com re-released the nano engine recently, they came out with newer colors. Blue, bronze, and rainbow. I believe they still have two of the colors in stock and it’s on sale for 26.99. Just wanted to help.. ... thanks for all the content! Your one of the only true real reviewers left...

Author — Chris James


I find myself coming back to this video every so often and I can’t lie I never bought this tank but if I can still get it in the USA I’ll be getting one. The original engine is in use all the time!

Author — Chasing Clouds and Flavor Reviews


Love my obs nano. It gets used every single day. Hopefully obs will make a nano rendition of this device - would buy it damn quick.

Author — Ron Grob


nice looking RTA but I love my Nano, dont think this will replace it but if you cant find the Nano, I would grab this. Thanks Jai

Author — Sickboy


😳🙏👍yes thank you about time!🙌thank you for the review true obs fan here, and I much appreciate the fact you don’t leave your fans out to dry on new product reviews despite your sweet and sour relationships with companies. Really thank you for that as I’m sure other fans do to. Now to proceed to check out! As always till next one thanks for keepn it real 👌

Author — Third Rail Coilz


Hey jai, just to let you know gearbest still has the origional and the nano obs engine. The origional engine is the same dimentions that of the nano just with a velosity posts and same juice capacity/top airflow same same just duel instead of single coil. Great review as always been waiting for this one!!

Author — Myster C


Always had trouble with Nano and getting dry hits. Tried lower wattage, different builds, tight and loose wicking. After about 3 hits I'd get dry hit. It now sits in a drawer, but can't bitch for a free RTA. I have the original and it's my everyday RTA.

Author — Bill Sohmer


I love green! My mod is green however, sadly haven't picked up a green rta yet. I might pick up a green Zeus dual. Excellent review Jai! I love your channel because I know you keep it real and know your shit.

Author — Bear


I got one my self and I can tell your coils are to wide. great review anyways. I respect your opinion. Its a great tank. Beats the zeus dual and nano engine for me. The only downside is that it gets very hot as you chainvape due to all that metal in the chamber. I wouldnt compare single (nano) with dualcoil tho because of obv reasons.

Author — SaysSim0n