The Road to the Holocaust - Kristallnacht | BETWEEN 2 WARS I 1938 Part 3 of 4

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The Road to the Holocaust - Kristallnacht | BETWEEN 2 WARS I 1938 Part 3 of 4 5

After years of gradually increasing persecution, the Nazi's institute a nationwide pogrom on the night of November 9, 1938. It will signal the end of Jewish life in Germany.

Hosted by: Indy Neidell
Written by: Francis van Berkel
Directed by: Spartacus Olsson and Astrid Deinhard
Executive Producers: Bodo Rittenauer, Astrid Deinhard, Indy Neidell, Spartacus Olsson
Creative Producer: Joram Appel
Post-Production Director: Wieke Kapteijns
Research by: Francis van Berkel
Edited by: Daniel Weiss
Sound design: Marek Kamiński

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Colorizations by:
- Daniel Weiss

Soundtracks from Epidemic Sound:
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It is very good that you speak plainly about what happened.

Author — Stephen Alexander


I’m ASTOUNDED by the fact that this wasn’t demonetized and I saw an add before this video. I hope it stays that way because I love this channel but I’m not in the financial position to support on patreon. Good luck Indie and team.

Author — TheGrayTemplar


Indy, your passion for this project shows itself ever more and more as you close the episodes. Especially ones like this where real vile, disgusting, and inexcusable acts against innocent people are talked about. Yes, all true historians are passionate about events of the past, but I’ve seen very few who show the real emotion that you do. Thank you for what you, the Time Ghost team (and Sabaton!) are doing! 👍🏻😁😎

Author — Charlie Hartness


When learning at school about it is easy to look away at all of this, because there are one or two sentences for sake of simplicity, but when you look to this at a pace of year by year like you guys look into interwar and WW2 years, then you can understand the real tragedy that unfolded, the pandora box that was opened by people just standing idle to the inhumanity of totalitaristic regimes. Germany was not only one that targeted its enemies, Soviet Union at the same time exterminated last remaning real and perceived enemies of the communist regime, making it fully Stalinist country, where fear rules.

What is appaling to me is that while USSR had two decades to go to this, Nazies did it maybe a few years. A decent society in a spawn of a decade became a country that unleashed such atrocities on the world that only communist regimes could rival it. Indeed a dark time and I hope we will never go to it again.

Author — saslykasLT


One aspect of this event not mentioned but important, is that it also marked a seminal turning point in terms of how the Western democracies viewed the Nazis. Kristallnacht sparked a wave of general disgust and fury around the world and is widely perceived, along with Germany's annexation of Czechoslovakia in March of 1939, as marking the beginning of the end of excusing Nazi aggression and violent excesses. In the United States FDR was so shocked that he recalled the US Ambassador to Berlin. Large scale anti-German protests and boycotts swept America. International public opinion was now shifting irretrievably against Hitler and the Nazis.

(Note: I slightly copy edited the above comment.)

Author — jec1ny


I really enjoy how in your series you take them year by year instead of the event as a whole. It really adds more perspective and understanding of the events your videos describe.

Author — Mr. Excitement


Its easy to look away when it is not directly hurting you.

Author — TegridyFarmer


Thank you, Indy, for your passionate speech about Kristallnacht. Never again! Nie wieder!

Author — goth mama


This was about the time some of my extended family got the hell out of Dodge. The few who stayed disappeared.

Author — maxsmodels


Wow. You learn about Kristallnacht and the persecution of Jews in school but you don't realize how creeping it was, kind of like the proverbial frog in slowly boiling water. I wish we had learned this history with this amount of detail. You guys do a great job! Thanks so much for producing these videos!

Author — Seth R


Will the Soviet-Japanese border conflicts have its own standalone episode on TG?

Author — TheBreadBaron


Gotta say Between 2 Wars is my favourite series with Indy so far. Learning so much in every episode!

Author — hasmatiks


A classic tie with understated colours and the type of pattern my grandfolks would be proud of. 3/5

Author — Gianni Verschueren


One light bulb valiantly hanging on...

Author — Mark Strouthes


"See no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil"

Author — ToughAncientSpark


Thank you for speaking so at length about this. Hearing it play out year by year instead of all at once really drives home how the escalation of political violence leads to greater tragedies. This is a very important video.

Author — Frederick Stabell


I hope in your next episode you'll find room to talk about the Kindertransport and Sir Nicholas Winton; terrible as these times were, they were not without hope.

Author — Werrf1


1:20 breath, hands up, pause. That was funny.

Author — Saun Krystian


This guy displays the naked truth with so much charisma and confidence. Love it!

Author — me and me


Seriously, YouTube. We need "context" for this? Do you even *listen* to the videos that you edit? TimeGhost does a much better job of supplying context than you do, anyway!

Author — Dennis Forcier