AWS re:Invent 2018: Architecture Patterns for Multi-Region Active-Active Applications (ARC209-R2)

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Do you need your applications to extend across multiple regions? Whether for disaster recovery, data sovereignty, data locality, or extremely high availability, many AWS customers choose to deploy services across regions. Join us as we explore how to design and succeed with active-active multi-region architectures. Please join us for a speaker meet-and-greet following this session at the Speaker Lounge (ARIA East, Level 1, Willow Lounge). The meet-and-greet starts 15 minutes after the session and runs for half an hour. Complete Title: AWS re:Invent 2018: [REPEAT 2] Architecture Patterns for Multi-Region Active-Active Applications (ARC209-R2)

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Great video but a correction. Since you don't have access to the S3 buckets where your snapshots reside, you will not be making use of Cross Region Replication. Instead you will be making a copy of the snapshot and selecting another region for the target location.

Author — Joe Prindle


Awesome Video Love Watching Your Channel Post
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Author — YOU SAVE


In Pattern 2: Read local write partitioned. How does the database(s) architecture would be? Having One db for each region and replicas in other regions? Users are isolated in each db by Geography? As I understood there is no master master replication there?

Author — Nadeen Nilanka


Good session but seriously? Architecting systems better so you can slaughter chickens faster is SICK! Leave those poor animals off of your plates. Watch “What the Health” on Netflix.

Author — Bhakta