Watch: PM Modi, Sonia Gandhi, Amit Shah meet Lok Sabha speaker as Monsoon Session ends early

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On the day that the Lok Sabha was adjourned sine die, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Home Minister Amit Shah, and Congress chief Sonia Gandhi met Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla. Leader of Congress in Parliament's Lower House Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury was also present. MPs from parties like TMC, Akali Dal, YSRCP, and BJD also attended the meeting. Lok Sabha's productivity in the session was around 22% as per PRS, with protests over issues like Pegasus snooping row and farm laws repeatedly disrupting proceedings. Watch the full video for more.


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Pegasus se humme common citizen ko kya farak padta h..but, parliament nhi chalne se farak padta h... Jispe pegasus dala gya h, wo to khud ko VVVIP feel kr sakte h 😂 ..humme kya???



Protests, Bad behaviour in parliament and friendly behaviour outside

Author — Rohit Pol


I am big Modi supporter . But still opposition failed to counter the govt in many issues. If they wanted they could have made govt answerable to issues like oil price rise. But they went after non issues like Pegasus and made the govts job easy

Author — Uma Ramakrishnan


Quality of debate has declined in parliament, democracy is becoming "Buy" the people, "Far" the people, policy makers should REMEMBER that in democracy power means Responsibility on behalf of people, It's not Authority to rule over them.

Author — Girish Bondade


A fact it's nowhere mentioned in the video is that it is a customary proceeding for a conclusion meeting of all MP's after the session is indefinitely adjourned.

Author — Dhruv Manchanda


Why aren't they doing hooliganism here?😂😂😂😂😂

Author — YESHWANTH Gunthapally


What is this? Everything in parliament seems like a Joke.

Author — Sam Mukhlen


All jumped, shouted and wasted our tax pay money… when time came to work. Now no work hence …all of them r happy again.

Author — Ravi Srivastava


This is reality.They wasted quality time in parliament and now discussing politics.They help each other even though they are different parties. Here fools are people.All parties in india like this including local parties.They make people fight each other for their sake

Author — Harish


It really feels good when rulling party and opposition get together for a good time

Author — Sunil Nayak


this is gud to see first time gud stape for india 🙏🏻 I wish all political member support all of you & using respected work special for lady & indian people 🙏🏻

Author — Vishal Rajput


Inka badiya hai, kam ke time kudte hai, fir party karte hai, duniya ko se samne darama, uske baad uske baad party abhi baki hai

Author — Komal Prasad


Nice to see all the party members happily togther keep it up !!!! Question is when the Petrol, diesal, gas cylinder, food etc etc price is going to come down ??? Anyway price is not effecting politicians but only for poor Indian voters !!!!

Author — Alex Fernandes


Look at their faces. Everyone looking so satisfied and happy don't know for what .

Author — Akash sahoo


Shameless Congress now going to shield their hooligan, rowdy and gundagardi MP from punishment. Shameful to the Grand Old Party stooped to such low level family owned party.

Author — Basava Raju


Shouldn't give salaries and benefits those, who showed mockery and prevented discussions in the parliament, take strict action.

Author — gangadharan minnikkaran


Old and new thieves having a knowledge sharing session.😂😂😂

Author — Divya Prakash


Inter party meet and dialogue are very important for india political stability and progress. We may have different ideologies, but our focus mus be on the prosperity of our progress and development

Author — Doctors' Diary


morning Infront of us they fight and evening they will sit together and do parties kaisa tha mera dialogues, arey thu tho kuch boli nahi

Author — mahagowli's


Modhi always friendly person. And that's the culture of BJP

Author — Golden Bricks