USA vs China: Global Economy & the Arms Race of a new Cold War

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USA vs China: Global Economy & the Arms Race of a new Cold War 5
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Our second video about possibilities of a new Cold War between US and China. This time, among other things, we focus on the arms race between the two countries and the future of their armed forces.

First video about geopolitics of the new Cold war can be found here:

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Taco Bell vs my toilet and morale is low for both (2019) pls

Author — Vlad M.


You know binkov you could make a mini series of this.

Your prediction your story.

Author — Akali


Me vs my neighbor that doesn't cut his grass next plz

Author — MrWickstar


Alright! The final piece in the trilogy is underway.

Author — Zack Irahza


Modern day Russia vs late 70s Soviet Union Arena War

Author — Megatron the Sith'ari


You Will Never know how i got so many likes

Author — NPC 81000682


US nuclear missiles will bypass China defence system by using VPN xD

Author — Pumpkinhead1986


Cold War

🇺🇸 1
🇷🇺 0
🇨🇳 to be announced

Author — John Smith


Can you do a video on the global arms markets such as how will China compete with USA and Russia in the foreign arms market

Author — Jonathon Hindle


Shits it like a war of religion again look at the muslims in the 15th century

Author — Get śmokeđ


NATO vs Warsaw Pact - 1962

This would attract a lot of viewers, trust me just do it.

Author — PhasyX


And they say china is a threat to the world? LMAO. Who is the one that spends the most on force projection?

Author — Tango Zulu


Nord VPN commercial with a Russian accent. . . I feel like I owe YOU man!

Author — Conrad Weis


History will judge that Clinton's granting of MFN status to CCP was a huge strategic mistake.

Author — round about midnight


Back to the beginning of 1980s

People:When will Soviet Union overlap the US ?

Author — FB fib 10/23


When the rich folks in DC start to feel it in their pocketbooks, they will repeat the same mistakes I believe. The rich rule the world.

Author — Code Red


Hello comrade ....plz make one video about Mig 21bis vs F 16....

Author — Manas Pratim Baruah


Don't you guys feel his voice is adorable?

Author — Love China Hate CCP


conflict is deliberately designed in geopolitics to support the war economy.

Author — Jonathan Woo


Oh god! You called Taiwan a “country”. Prepare for the flames.

Author — Pascal Johnson