Ferris FW 15 Grass Catcher/Bagger In Use

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Using the new Ferris FW 15 Grass Catcher/Bagger for the first time, very happy with the product and the results.

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Not many product I would call a game changer, but this is one. It looks and cuts like a rockstar.

Author — Charles Jones


Awesome video. That mower cost more then my 2004 gmc 2500hd 6.0

Author — duramax


Thanks I wanted to see the bag. Iam done with my toro 30. This thing is awesome

Author — The Cutting Force lawn services / lawnmow Carlo


Cool vid, I was just looking at these on line

Author — The_ Chuck_B


Love your channel, great videos and very informative. Keep up the good work.

Author — Matt Freitag


Milogranite is great for bouncing back a sun burned yard, I hit my yard with it a month ago and it's back to being a real nice green

Author — LegionCollector421


Did Ferris supply you with a parts list for the bagger install? If so what’s the part # for the front weight? Like you mentioned for a single hydro it can pop a wheelie easily.

Author — Billy Goat


Thanks For Sharing this information I did not know that system Made a bagon system

Author — Glenn Evitt


Thanks for sharing. I been considering buying this model

Author — legacylg


This is the 30” mower I have been looking for. That is perfect for my 1/2 acre lawn, how does it mulch?

Reminds me of the original Snapper Hi-Vac ride on mower as a walk behind!

Author — Smoke Stack


Can I add a sulky to this or no? Still deciding btw this or the new proline.

Author — house machine


Thanks for the video. How are those front casters holding up? I’ve read some complaints on Ferris’s website about some people damaged the front caster.

Author — njmtbiker


Hey Bud, what the part number of the high lift blades for the FW15?

Author — John Adank


Seems like a really nice mower. How much was the bagger with front weight

Author — Bobby Taylor


Nice video, what are the differences between the Ferris FW15 and the Snapper SW15? Lastly, can you get a front mount law dethatcher attachment for it?

Author — Joe Meow


Do you have a link to this grass catcher?

Author — Super Duty


Great video mate I can see that mower been big in America here in Ireland that collection system won't work our grass is damp and very heavy it would choke that system up but for ye in the states it's a winner

Author — Noel Cahill


Drainzit part #1420. Ordered from Walmart because they had it in stock. Amazon or Acme tool has it as well. Just search Drainzit 1420. It’s a 20mm thread so this should work. I ordered the wrong size and of course I already had drained the oil so now it has to sit until I get the hose. Maybe the blades will show up at the same time. Dealer had them on backorder since May. Called another dealer yesterday and they were able to get me some. Found some online as well

Author — john adank


Thanks for the review! Do you have any complaints about this unit? Does it mulch and bag good?

Author — Lucas Temple


What is the part number for the bagger/ grass catcher and where to buy it?

Author — siregg75