Teen Titans Theme Song Piano

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  • ℹ️ Published 5 years ago

I decided to do this on a whim and I know it's unrelated :) Teen Titans was one of my childhood cartoons, so I really enjoyed making this cover.

I think it's also my 2nd year anniversary since I started transcribing, so I thank everyone who supported me during those 2 years!

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Shouda given an epilepsy warning at the end...

Author — Fonzi M - Melodies on Piano


Wow I didn't know so many people watched Teen Titans. I hadn't listened to this theme in 10 years, so I listened to it after making this cover and realized I played faster than it was meant to be xD.

Author — UnknownEX1


Maravilloso, lo adoro, estoy enamorado con este cover

Author — Naranja Socialista


1) Your piano/keyboard is awesome
2) Your lighting is trippy XD
3) You did an amazing job for not having listened to it in 10 years! Damn.

Author — Ayyy lmao


Awesome! Loved the lights doing its thing in the background (and of course, your playing <3)

Author — Carolyn Ferreira


That was amazing, and the effects really added to the song

Author — Lenny Woodman


Nice lights! Lots of passion! Could use some drums? ;)

Author — Peter Nguyen


This is awesome I really want to lean this

Author — SneakyNinja4782


I always hear people talk about how supposedly great these Nord digital pianos are. Are they really? What's so special about them?

Author — EpreTroll


dem flashing lights are fancy....

They're lit

literally not literally :3

Author — MacQui


Amazing! And that lighting O_O
So sugoi lel

Author — Louis R.


I don't know how the stand will hold the piano much longer.... Heeh

Author — Rachel Roth


Same piano as navarone boo-kun. How does the touch feels ? How expensive ? Why did you choose this one ?

Author — Rowan Wild


haha the lighting makes it look like you're wearing a skirt xd

Author — Minseok 민석